Direct to Office - Internet Leased Line

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Direct to Office - Internet Leased Line

Post by mehulsampat » October 14th, 2011, 12:16 pm

Direct to Office - Internet Leased Line

Delivered over a 4 G based wireless last mile, Direct to office provides wireline equivalent performance with 99.5% uptime & a dedicated 24 X 7 helpdesk.
Given Tikona's ubiqutous wireless network, delivery times are considerably less when compared to wireline operators.

Large enterprises have interent delivered to their offices on wired line. With the huge amount of infrastructure work going on in all cities in India, roads are frequently dug up and wires get cut. The cuts are mostly on the last mile which is not protected. Hence enterprises suffer significant internet downtime which affects their business.

Direct to office Internet leased line offers to address these concerns of large enterprises through its unique Load failover/balancing feature
a. Load failover ensures when wired line internet is cut, all traffic is shifted to the Tikona wireless link
b. Load balancing allows you to utilise both links efficiently when there is no downtime on any of the link

Whether a Medium enterprise looking for a Dedicated Internet line connectivity or a Large enterprise looking to ensure business continuity ,
Tikona Direct to office Internet Leased Line is the best solution

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