Worst Speed Worst service

Re: Worst Speed Worst service

Postby TikonaCare » June 14th, 2018, 10:17 am

We’ve received your details and our team is working towards servicing you with the best customer experience. Thank you for your patience!
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Worst Speed Worst service

Postby sagar280 » June 13th, 2018, 5:03 pm

I have recently setup tikona broadband , of Plan 10 Mbps No FUP
I was promised by your service providers, that the speed will never be less than 10mbps and its 24/7 , But in the 1st week itself, I got disconnected for many hrs many a times and the speed is not stable at all, it keeps fluctuating, as of now the speed is 0.2mbps , I have trusted your service only to be fooled and put the connection, this is really unacceptable.

It was only that 1st day I got that so mentioned speed, and from next days, I use to get that speed for like 1 hr a day and rest 23 hrs it used to be either around 0.5 mb/s or network off, I kept complaining and they sent an engineer but he is of no use , cause all he was doing was restarting my router . and after some time I got speed back to 10+ mb/s and the engineer says its fixed now, as soon as he left, in 15mins the speed was again 0.5 mb/s , when I called that engineer he just keeps saying turn off the router and turn it on again , nothing more.

Check the image of speed test here = http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/3993967326
Plan - 10mbps , Reality = 0.26 mbps

Kindly look into this issue

1)I would like to get it fixed ASAP
2)Disclose my broadband service

And I took the 3 months plan, its been around 20 days only, If you are not able to fix the speed then change my plan to 1 month that I would pay and then shift to other network

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Thank you
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