Call for bill payment 1 year after disconnection

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Call for bill payment 1 year after disconnection

Post by Arun_Balu » May 12th, 2014, 9:58 pm


I was using Tikona broadband between Jan 2013 to June 2013. I paid a deposit of Rs 2000 while taking connection. I was told by your representative that Rs 1000 will be adjusted in my first month bill. This did not happen. I disconnected the connection on 25th June and your technical person (Suresh, Mobile no: 8123057674) came in and collected the instrument and gave me a bill (WO ID: 3776884). I have paid all my bills except for June. I did not do that as Rs 1000 was not adjusted in my first bill and my monthly rent was Rs 999. This was confirmed to me by your customer care representative when I called him on 26th June. I guess you have the conversation recorded and so do I. Few days later someone from Tikona called me and asked to return the equipment. How many times should I do that. I can send you the scanned copy of the receipt given by your technical person when he took the equipment. I told him I had returned the equipment. But I kept getting calls to return the equipment which I had already done. Now I have started getting call from some people identifying themselves from Delhi high court and asking me to pay RS 2421 or else will file a complaint against me. Why should I pay this and for what?

Let me know why I should pay Rs 2421 and the details of bill keeping in mind that I have returned the equipment ( I have proof for it) and I had paid all my bills (All my payments as online and I have proof for it).

I would be happy If I stop getting the harassment calls from Tikona (Which I doubt).


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