Need Immediate Suspension of Account

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Re: Need Immediate Suspension of Account

Post by TikonaCare » May 29th, 2014, 8:20 pm

Dear Mr. Pawar,

Greetings from Tikona.

We have checked and found that your account has been terminated as per your request; currently we have arranged an engineer visit at your premises for recovery of the devices.

The Full & Final Settlement amount will be communicated to you on your registered email id.

We request you to handover the devices in order to avoid termination penalty charges of Rs. 1500/-

Tikona Care.

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Need Immediate Suspension of Account

Post by vlpawar » May 27th, 2014, 2:13 pm


This is in response to casual/irresponsible behavior from Customer Care.

I had raised a request#1-3101369217 for my Account termination on 11th May 2014 @ 2PM over a call.
I got an email from on 12th May asking for acknowledgement of termination request.

I replied to this email on 13th May acknowledging termination/supsension request.

I have stopped using my connection from 13th May onwards.

My billing cycle starts from 15th May till 14th November.

As per email from Tikona, I was requested for 10 days of retention period with following important terms,
1) I should not use Tikona connection within retention period.
2) Among Termination Request Date and Billing Cycle Date whichever is later will be considered as termination date.
(This makes Tikona free from any liabilities of paying back current billing amount to consumer for unused days)

Day 4 :
I got a call from Customer Care on 14th May, guy asked me to switch to another monthly plan with 30% discount or stay on the same plan with a rebate of Rs 400 on current bill. I refused to both the offers and asked to terminate my account.

Day 5 :
I got a call from a mobile number on 16th May, this time a guy told me to use Tikona connection until this request gets resolved.
When I queried about conditions given in email, he simply reversed his first argument saying,
"Sir, you should not use internet connection until request is resolved." :lol:

Day 6 :
Customer care called me on 16th May and asked me if I can transfer this plan to my friends or relatives.
After so much of trouble, how can I recommend transfer of this plan to my friends or relatives ?

After Day 6, I did not receive any calls.

On 23rd May, I received a SMS from LM-TIKONA stating that I have not used my connection for past 10 days.

Day 13 :

On 24th May I replied to acknowledgement email reminding them about its been more than 10 days.
To my surprise, I got a new email with request#1-3112284326.

I immediately called customer care and asked about my 11th May termination request. Guy simply replied that the request was "Resolved".

What does resolved mean ? , "Account closed after retention period got over"... NO..
As per Customer care it meant "Request was closed as customer did not pick up a call".

For the first time in history, I did not get any SMS for request resolution.

Guys, you are not making us a favor by working on the termination request.
If your retention attempt is in vain then you should terminate Account as per instructions from customer.

This is my final attempt to Terminate account via Consumer-Company model, if it does not conclude well, I will not hesitate to go via Consumer Court.

To Summarize, as per terms and conditions in email, I have asked for termination of my account on 11th May and my billing cycle completes on 14th of May.
I stopped using internet connection before my billing cycle.
This means I am not liable to any amount to Tikona.

Please terminate/supsend my account ASAP.


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