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Post by TikonaCare » June 2nd, 2014, 11:43 am

Dear Mr. Kiran,

Greetings from Tikona.

With regards to your concern, we have actioned the case according to your request.

For any further issues/queries, please contact us on our toll free number 1-800 209 4276.

Tikona Care

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Post by gowthamkiran » May 30th, 2014, 12:26 pm

Date: 30.05.2014
The Customer care/ Networking/ or any other officer concerned.
TIKONA broadband services
Mr. Gowtham Kiran
User ID: 1109767616
Sub: Serious inconvinience of internet and thus disconnection.
Ref: My several repeated phone calls from my RMN +91 9441 877 845
Dear Sir,
This is my last attempt to get in contact with you i.e M/s Tikona Broadband.
Sir, I have been with your broadband since the month of february 2014. Earlier I was using a wireless DATACARD of some other network. Being attracted at your TIKONA services and Speed promised I have requested for a new broadband connection. The download speed that has been promised has been good and upload speed is OK or satisfactory. I have been alloted with a registered number 1109767616 on 10.02.2014 and has been activated only after TEN days. I never complained against this. However, since past few weeks i have been experiencing a severe disconnection or interruption of the internet. Or the internet connection says “ unable to connect to the internet” and i need to switch off the modem, or restart the laptop or what soever possible from my end for atleasr twenty times or for one hour to get internet connection. The same has been informed to the customer care as and when faced. The customer care is generous enough to lodge complaint and send a service engineer within two to three days where in i have to shut my work and wait till the service engineer’s arrival. The same has been done twice in a months time.
I would like to inform you that I work on internet mostly on Saturdays and Sundays but iam sorry to inform you that I was never happy on those days regarding the internet connection which was almost USELESS for me as the same was not able to get connected. I have been alloted with a limit of 30GB but i can notice that in no month I have crossed 10 to 15 GB.
I understand that the internet connection is good once connected but i pledge that NEVER my net has connected in the FIRST attempt. The same has been informed to the customer care but i was left with black hands. This problem for me in this month is very much and i have hardly used 4GB and have used only for six to ten days in this month. This very pathetic situation should not turn for any other user. Only I can witness the trouble of not getting into internet connected as and when needed. The need for visiting an INTERNET CAFE has been made as habit due to your bad/worst internet connection. I have stopped using internet since few days but has used today that to in a very mean connection which is getting interrupted always.
I feel very shameful for lodging the complaint always about the net connectivity and share a very bad experience always and thus has decided to get my TIKONA broadband for DISCONNECTION. For this i have requested your customer again for the last time TEN days before but the response is such poor and iam still made to loose my temper and getting frustrated with the network. Iam now frustrated at that level that iam getting angry even by seeing the posters of TIKONA on the streets. Sorry for telling this.
Iam frustrated with the INTERNET SERVICE offered by you and thus need an immediated disconnection of the same. And the arrears if any will be met by me as per the intimation but on my calculations. Please note that I have asked for a disconnection some ten days before and its TIKONA responsibility for undertaking the same and send some of your executive to take back those equipments that have been installed as early as possible this time atleast PROMPTLY FOR LAST TIME.
Thanks for your valuable internet connection provided to me these all days without a smile on my face, and Iam your absolutely dissatisfied customer.
Thanks in anticipation

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