A Frustrating experience with Tikona

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Re: A Frustrating experience with Tikona

Post by TikonaCare » October 9th, 2013, 4:17 pm

Dear Mr. Sundarajan,

Greetings from Tikona.

We have noted of your feedback and the same has been shared with our respective teams.

We are also monitoring your account and it is working fine. We request you to give us a call on our toll free number 1-800 209 4276 in case of any issues.

Tikona Care

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A Frustrating experience with Tikona

Post by arrypotter » August 31st, 2013, 1:21 am

For the last 1 month, I have had a tikona connection in Pimple Saudagar, Pune. The ordeal that I have gone through is what I wish to share.... I hope my tikona survives till I recount the story…
I just called a Tikona Call Center at 12.39 AM in Morning. Such is the Level of frustration with Tikona

Poor Points about call center :
a) Out of 100 calls I did to the call center, all I hear everytime is we will send the engineer. Is the call center only a engineer sending organization. Why have people then ?. They could have robots that note issues and send engineers
b) The Call center always tells me the engineer will fix the issue. Till date not a single engineer was able to fix the issue ...wonder if the Call center is GOD
c) The call center will never follow up on issues, over time the issue will be closed magically on its own
d) The call center guys will try to waste time without providing a resolution , after all its my money!
e) Most of the times, I have seen the call center guy trying to avoid giving the line to his manager citing that the manager is busy... I am sure they are...in telling people to close calls in less than 3 mins
f) When the call goes over 3 mins, more often than not, I have seen the engineer trying to close the issue by giving some crap excuse "switch your connect and turn it on after 10 mins, it will work". And voila! will avoid speaking to you
g) The call center escalation team too lacks seriousness, every guy will tell you I will own the issue. He will call 2-3 times and forget about the issue.
h) The call center has an amazing ticket management system.. after 2 days all tickets gets magically closed without customer confirmtion....absolute magic
i) When an issue is in progress, the automatic telecaller will call and ask you if issue is resolved. If you say no, you will be put in an infinite loop where the line will be transferred to a ever busy line. After 3 mins, the line will disconnect and boom no return call from call center
j) Very few times, there is a call back from call center. Most of the times, its you and me who need to call this center which will carelessly put us on HOLD for 10 mins
k) No interest is shown by any customer care representative to close a issue. Everyone yaks about assigning an engineer, telling me a new problem every-time and closing the ticket ASAP
l) Blame it on other departments is also a common ploy employed, I will call the network team and ask them to increase the bandwidth. Yeah right, good joke!

There are 100 more issues....will write it in coming days....scared my net will go off again...as always

Poor Points about technician:
a) Most technicians in my area openly suggest not to take TIKONA
b) My connection is fake and phony, this is what one engineer told me
c) The engineer does not carry anything when visiting my house, he will ask for wire, receiver , power adapter etc from me
d) The engineer have told us that there is a bandwidth
e) No two engineers agree on others configurations , they will ask me to give the other engineer a slap
h) The tikona engineers will tell me the Customer care center is useless and cannot carry any tasks
i) Most tikona engineers will come on day 1 empty handed, and take 2-3 days to get the stuff to make my connection work
j) Most of my connections have not lasted more than 10 mins

I know this is more than enought...THis is the frusturation of my experience. There are lot more in share in future

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