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Post by TikonaCare » October 17th, 2013, 2:59 pm

Dear Mr. Murthy,

Greetings from Tikona.

We have noted your feedback.

With regards to your concern, we confirm that your problem stated has been resolved. Our team is regularly monitoring your account and there are no issues found.

We would request you to refer the below mention link on how to optimize your Tikona service.

Our team will contact you for assistance to observe the connectivity between your desktop and CPE.

For any further issues/queries, you can contact us on our toll free number 1-800 209 4276

Tikona Care

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Post by chandru20 » September 8th, 2013, 1:53 am


I am a Tikona WiBro internet user (User ID – 1108912680) since last one month (Aug 2013) at Ramamurthynagar, Banglore with a plan of ADULM2048 having paid Rs.3100/- with all useless installation charge etc. I have been introduced to a pathetic internet and customer service a person can dream off through this stupid service. :evil: :evil:

I must have raised up to 15-20 complaints for the last one month (which was my first month since the installation) ranging from internet speed to internet disconnection problems.

1. First of all after paying the money to get the internet connection, the technician took his own time of 4-5 days to come and install the connection.
2. Whenever there is a problem with the internet connection, I will have to wait for more than 8-10 minutes to get connected to your toll free customer care service online (1-800 209 4276). After 5 mins of waiting to get connect to the customer care the auto voice keeps repeating that it will connect you within 1 min and goes on and on for more than 10 min to connect to a customer representative.
3. It also encourages calling on your STD number (022-61749700) for faster service which also takes the same time (8-10 min) to connect to your customer representative. I wonder who will be paying for STD charges for all the waiting time (10 min) to get connected to your customer representative. And imagine if I have to call you for every 3-4 days with new internet problems each time like mine.
4. Once I am connected to your customer representative he will act to resolve the issue online. He will ask you to wait for more than 3 hrs so that he will try to fix it online from his side. But even after 1 day or more, the issue will not be resolved or neither will you bother to call me back. So no internet for that day and no follow up from you on the issue. This shows how junk is your services.
5. Many of the times you give excuses as “with regards to your concern, our team member tried to reach you on your registered number but it was not reachable.” This is really bullshit, when my other callers are able to reach me how is that only Tikona is not able to call me back. How many times have you tried to connect to me?
6. Also, whenever I raised a complaint I was told by your customer representatives that I would get a SMS with the complaint details. Till today I never received any such SMSs from you.
7. Now the next problem is your technicians, who will take more than 1 -2 days to come to my place to fix it. He will come on his own time and priority. Your technicians are ill equipped and don’t know how to resolve the issue properly. More than 4 -5 technicians must have visited to my place for more than 9 -10 times to fix various issues within the first month of the installation.
8. One of your technicians told me directly that he gets paid for each complaint and visit. Hence the technicians don’t fix the issue permanently to get benefit of getting paid for each visit. I did mention about the problem of technicians to the online customer care representatives who did not bother much and just told they would escalate this issue. But believe me nothing happened with respect to the technician even after raising such a concern with them and escalation. I came to know that it is all just fake assurance. NO ONE IN YOUR GROUP IS READY TO TAKE ACTION AGAINST FAULTY INDIVIDUALS (TECHNICIANS OR CUSTOMER CARE REPRESENTATIVES).
9. For the last one month I must have used your internet connection for 10 days or less effectively. Most of the time it was not working at all or the complaints were pending to be resolved.
10. I currently have raised a request to uninstall your idiotic connection (Disconnection request,1-27908240488) for the following reason which was really extreme. I had raised a complaint (complaint id – 1-2775463813) for installation of longer cable and for internet not working at my place on 31st August 2013. None of your Technicians turned up till date (08-Aug-2013). Imagine no resolution of the issue for almost 1 week. Whenever I called your customer care for almost five times on 07 & 08 Aug 2013, each time you would say that you would escalate the issue and you would call back. Neither the issue was resolved nor a fool visited from your side to correct it.

Now I am just hoping that you will reimburse all my hard earned money that I had paid for your useless and pathetic internet and customer service at the earliest.

My suggestion would be to you to improve on your customer service if you have to continue on your business.

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