Technical care access blocked to my ID

Re: Technical care access blocked to my ID

Postby TikonaCare » February 8th, 2018, 2:11 pm

Dear Mr. Malhotra,

Greetings from Tikona.

With regard to your concern, we called you to check the connectivity using remote access however, there is no response from your end but your connection seems working fine now.

Further, no issues were observed from the backend.

Please note following points:

1. For faster resolution we would urge you to call our 24x7 Customer care number 1860-3000-3434 and Press option 1 for Technical.

2. You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile no. (RMN) informing you about the status on complaint registered by you.

3.Once we verify that service problem is resolved & your connection is stable, we will again update you on your RMN.

4. If the problem is not solved to your satisfaction, you can call us back within 24 hrs and your call shall be connected to a technical support engineer.

We thank you for your association with Tikona and we look forward to have long term association with you

For any further issues/queries, please contact us on our customer care number 1860 3000 3434.

Tikona Care.
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Technical care access blocked to my ID

Postby malhotra » February 6th, 2018, 6:24 pm

Few days back there was some login issue with Tikona broadband and I kept getting "Authentication failed error can't login on the network", don't remember the exact error but every-time I called Tikona they were resetting my antenna from their end and my internet started working for 15 20 minutes and again "Authentication Failed error".

I called them 2 to 3 times to reset my antenna and after that I couldn't dial Tikona Tech customer care network coz they blocked me. How can you block, I was in desperate need of Internet on 31st of January and my connection was going out in every 15 minutes and on the top of it you blocked my Customer ID access to technical care and when I had a word with executive in Sales she told me I can try calling Technical care after 4 hours.

This was very unprofessional from Tiknoa. You people can't block customer's ID, if he/she is calling for legit reason no matter how many times. If my access to Tikona technical care is open it's because my complaint haven't been resolved that's why.

I'm very disappointed and it caused me a lots of distress on a very important day.
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