Tikona User ID 1120956926 & Billing Account Number 1327726

Tikona User ID 1120956926 & Billing Account Number 1327726

Postby aritra123 » February 12th, 2018, 3:15 pm

Sub : Fraud , False & Fabricated bill with ‘0’ usage & Cheating the customer

Dear sirs,

This is in continuation with my previous Email dated 25/10/17 as attached.

Please note down the summarized points :

1. I decided to disconnect & stop using Tikona connection usage from 01/08/17 and informed them accordingly by email (as attached), but received no action from Tikona end.

2.Instead, I was being sent multiple bills and Tikona was mounting pressure & threatening me for the payment(false claim) otherwise to face the dire consequences.

3.Finally, even though I had not used the connection, I still paid the amount of Rs. 1736/- on 25/10/17 to close the matter ( as payment receipt email attached).

4. I sent another email on the same date (25/10/2017) asking for a confirmation regarding final settlement and full closure of the connection.

5. Even before this date the Tikona local agent (contact number: +91 9650275927) had come to my house and collected the router and taken back, which meant there was no Tikona infrastructure at my house from that moment.

6. Now to my surprise ,I received another bill on 19/01/2018 with a period as 15-Nov-17 to 14-Jan-18 (attached the bill) with no usage but 1500 termination penalty (which is a completely fraud claim).

7. Now , this is a definite fraud by Tikona and cheating the customer by false & fabricated bill.

With all these inputs I have decided as under :
No further payment for the false bills since I am not using your service rather advise you to return the excess payment made with immediate effect.
On receipt of this letter , you must send your Rep. within 7 days with ‘no dues certificate’ and 'confirmation as router had been retuned'. Also 'confirmation that no payment has to be made against the latest fraud bill received by me on 19/01/2018'.
Failing which, I will lodge a FIR with the police station followed by filing a case in CONSUMER COURT for fraud, claiming false & fabricated amounts and mental torturing to a heart patient having multiple health problems with the complete documents available with me.

A brief set of documents attached herewith for your reference.
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