Disconnection and billing

Re: Disconnection and billing

Postby TikonaCare » March 15th, 2018, 6:57 pm

Dear Mr. Paul,

Greetings from Tikona.

With regards to your concern, we have checked and found that the last payment done by you was on 5th Sep 2017 for the period of 7-Aug-17 to 6-Sep-17, the due date for this bill was 22nd Aug 2017 as you failed to clear this bill by the due date you were charged with late payment charges in upcoming bill.

Further you have last used the services till 22nd Sep 2017 i.e. after entering the billing cycle of 7-Sep-17 to 6-Oct-17 (Usage 52+ Gbs).

As you had used the services in this billing cycle, you were liable to make the payment for this period, we had sent an email communication on 22nd Sep 2017 itself stating the payable amount, however we did not receive the payment nor did we receive any communication from your end regarding this.

We contacted you several times for payment reminders sent many SMS and emails, yet we still did not received any communication from your end, hence your account details were shared with our legal team for further process.

Currently as you have cleared your outstanding, there are no further dues pending against your account also no refund is applicable.

We thank you for making the required payment.

For any further issues/queries, please contact us on our Customercare number 1860 3000 3434.

Tikona Care.
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Disconnection and billing

Postby 1114515035 » March 13th, 2018, 3:30 pm

Dear All,
I have been using Tikona since June 2015 approx. every now and then i used to face connectivity issue or network issue. I had to file complaints and then after 1 or 2 days it used to get resolved. It continued till September 2017 and as I decided to relocate so I asked the Tikona authority to disconnect the service. I have requested them in the form of mail on 5th september 2017 following which i got few calls about why i was disconnecting. so i gave them appropriate reason and they said that it will be disconnected within 15days. Since then i stopped using their service. Bills were cleared till 5th septmber. Inspite of not using the service i used to get continuous calls and mails about making the payment. I didnot know why should i make payment if i was not using the service and i had even asked them for disconnection. It was not my fault that they didnot collect their modem or whatever. On February 3rd 2018 someone from Tikona came and collected the things and on 13/03/2018 i get a call saying that some complaint had been filled on court against me. This is really unfair. Money doesnot grow on tree. I dont have enough time to run to court so i was forced to make the payment of Rs 1600 instead of not using the service.

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