Termination of connection ID 1119769524

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Chinmay ml
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Termination of connection ID 1119769524

Post by Chinmay ml » August 14th, 2018, 2:04 pm

Please disconnect you connection as i am not using your servise from last couple of months. I have sent email to customer care and received no responce. It has become herculian task to get rid of this connection. More over you are raising bill every month on my account even there is no usage of internet. As i have moved to some other place. Please disconnect your service and stop raising any bills further.

Stop harrassing people by calling 100times a day to make bill payment.

You guys wont respont to 100000 calls then there is problem.

Please learn to respect customers.

Not able to connect customer desk even afetr several calls to disconnect.

Please make proper channel to get rid of your pathetic servise as soon as possible.

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