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Re: urgent attention - FREQUENT DISCONNECTION

Post by TikonaCare » December 23rd, 2018, 2:38 pm

This doesn't seem to be the experience we’d like you to have. We’ve received your details and someone from our team should reach out to you soon, Thank you for your patience!

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Post by madmonkindie » December 23rd, 2018, 6:25 am

I am still awaiting reply and would like to know why my connection is down ..

i got an SMS saying, i need to wait for 2 hrs.. after 2 hrs.. another one comes.. informing me that engineer visit information will be sent to me.. now tomorrow, i have a meeting in the evening, there is no one at home, and i will have to leave early to finish my meeting and other work to be at home to receive your royal highness engineer who is so particular about working only till 6 pm..

I wish this could be resolved today ... entire day i am at home and i would really appreciate if you can resolve this today. its really frustrating dealing with you all. I recommended Tikona to my colleague, No connectivity in her area.. and now she has taken air link and GTPL for office work.. honestly, i am also planning to go back to GTPL. they are providing 100mbs speed and pay just 8000 plus for more than a year.. why should i stay with you all for this speed and when disconnection problems are so frequent.

farhad behrana

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