tikona ID: 1121145169, amount billed after disconnction req

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Re: tikona ID: 1121145169, amount billed after disconnction

Post by TikonaCare » May 14th, 2019, 12:48 pm

Dear Subscriber,

Greetings from Tikona,

We have checked and found your account is terminated as per your request.

As full and final is concluded, we request you to make payment of Rs 1037.29/- at the earliest.

For any further issues/queries, you can contact us on 1-860-3000-3434.

Tikona Care.

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Re: tikona ID: 1121145169, amount billed after disconnction

Post by TikonaCare » May 8th, 2019, 9:20 am

This doesn't seem to be the experience we’d like you to have. We’ve received your details and someone from our team should reach out to you soon, Thank you for your patience!

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Tikona User ID: 1121145169

tikona ID: 1121145169, amount billed after disconnction req

Post by 1121145169 » May 7th, 2019, 11:02 pm

Hi Tikona,

I received a demand notice from tikona to pay 1037rs and threatning if not paid, will proceed for legal & criminal actions.

In last call they said bill is generated based on last log-in. But i requested for disconnection before billing cycle i.e on Feb 12th. after few days tikona called and requested to verify speed by login to account even i said we already disconnected all cables. I sent in mail the same call recorded audio as .aac attachment not allowed to attach here.

Did you requested to log in just to generate one month bill.???? :shock:

Please take action on this.

Please go through below points for detailed information

1. We upgraded our plan 885rs to 1400 per month in the month of Dec. and paid 2800 (as quarterly plan) for the period Dec 15 to Feb 15.
But still we didn't get any upgrade benefit and raised multiple complaints in this period (more than 10 complaints). None of them resolved.
Then we are expecting that you have to return the balance amount as there is no benefit to the customer. You didn't returned. Of-course you have to return service charges also as we are not satisfied the service.

2. Due to this network issues we requested disconnection before billing cycle (of course, you re-confirmed in yesterday call). Then why it is not disconnected with in 72 working hours. (of-course, you can suspend the login id immediately)

3. On march 3rd (after disconnection requested more than 3 times), you converted our plan as usage based automatically. How can you upgrade our plan with out our permission.
I don't accept this. Even it is not mentioned in your terms & conditions.

4. Till Apr 3rd you continuously called us and requested to test speed every time. and you said try two day and inform issue resolved or not, even we said all cables disconnected and moved to Tata Docomo.

4. The connection is disconnected after i lied on Apr 3rd that we vacated house. Why it took this much long time around 50 days. Yesterday your representative said he don't know about how long a disconnection request will take to process. ?

5. Now you generated a bill of 1037 for the period after Feb 15. Why should i pay this bill. If you not disconnected, that is your fault. and you are saying our last login is on Feb 28. of course to re verify speed we connected on logged-in upon your request. ( I have all those recorded calls). why should we pay for your testing.

6. We used tikona service more than 2years and never paid late payment. Of-course 1037Rs not a big matter for us. But i am very disappointing with your service and want to raise concern about consumer rights.

7. And you said we used 10GB after Feb 15 (i.e billing cycle) to till disconnection. You know our average monthly usage is more than 100GB. Now you can decide whether 10GB we used intentionally or for Testing purpose on your request.

8. On March 9th, i got a mail 10GB is attached to our account at free of cost as a valued customer. Still if you think we used 10GB intentionally why con't you compensate this usage with the Free 10GB that you credited

9. Also you said 2ps/MB will be charged on March 9th. So for 10GB = 204rs. Then how it will be 1037rs.

10. I gone through multiple forums and understood the fraud that you have been doing at the time of disconnection. That is the reason i recorded calls from you and saved all mail communications.

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