Explained - Tikona is Good or Bad? Tikona users must read.

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Explained - Tikona is Good or Bad? Tikona users must read.

Post by myabhishek » October 6th, 2013, 11:22 pm

So, all

Here is full review and solution for how to use tikona network? i am tikona user since one month, in starting i am also frustrated from their service but i find the solution. so ..

1) I applied fir the tikona connection (Ghaziabad, UP)

2) I got connection on 2nd day (I am impressed)

3) My connection activated on 4th day (I have quarterly plan of speed 750KBPS)

4) 5th. 6th, 7 th day connection is working is on amazing speed

5) 8th day I faced a disconnectivity (it shows Unidentified Network) I call to customer care (1800-209-4276 Ivr system is good)

6) I complained and he got me solution that s problem is near substation and they currently repair it, networks starts working at from morning, I feel ok no problem

7) Next day connection is working fine

8) 10th day faced disconnectivity , call to customer care, got solution that he appointed a tikona engineer to my home but he never come yet. (almost customer service is bad)

9) So, I started to repair and research on tikona networks and technologies’, in tikona connection we got I Wibro network receiver (Connected and roof of your home), wire , adapter, and LAN, POE converter device, they all manufactured by company TELENET

10) Now my network is working fine but with few disconnectivity.

11) I visit to my near substation, planted on a very big building and getting some info from internet and found substation of wibro networks has never be disconnect, that runs 24/7/365 days, with a building generator and if that substation stop working then tikona guys repaired quikly less than in 1 hour because that’s a main unit to cover that area with internet, substation getting repair in 4-5 times in a year, almost that’s working fine all time due to German technology.

12) Come back home and I start inspect my connection wires and receiver (of home roof) everything is working fine but suddenly my eyes put on POE to LAN converter (where coming wire poe and lan wire connected) I opened it and starts cleaning, then I take converter at downside of table and put a heavy metal object on it. That’s in unshakeable situation and I am not going to touch it.

13) From 15 th day, I didn’t getting any disconnectivity or slow speed in net. That’s working amazing, I never touch the lan poe device, that’s in same situation every time.

14) So whenever you get disconnectivity and slow speed then try to check poe lan device, it’s a main component that’s making all issue, or just buy a poe lan device of good quality from market

So my review is, tikona network is on running condition every time, tikona is a good isp compare than bsnl or reliance, so check or replace your POE device, TIKONA IS UNSTOPPABLE AND CHEAP BROADBAND IN TODAYS MARKET, NOW I DID.NT GOT ANT DISCONNECTIVITY OR SLOW DOWN.

a Happy Customer


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