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Re: Equipment recovery already done - confirm no further dues

Posted: February 26th, 2020, 5:14 pm
by TikonaCare

As per your request for termination of Tikona broadband [Service Id 1113080542 ], registered against your name, your service has already been terminated.

Mentioned below are the Full and Final Settlement details for your Account no. 124701140 :

Amount Payable : Rs 0.00/-

In case you have any query please feel free to contact us on 1860 3000 3434 or you can also write to us on from your registered email id.


Tikona Care

Re: Equipment recovery already done - confirm no further dues

Posted: February 16th, 2020, 10:21 am
by TikonaCare
Dear Subscriber,

Greetings from Tikona.

We would like to inform you that resolution of your complaint is in process and once the issue gets resolved will update you accordingly.

Tikona Care

Equipment recovery already done - confirm no further dues

Posted: February 15th, 2020, 3:51 pm
by 1113080542
Dear Tikona,

My user ID is 1113080542. I had requested for permanent termination of my connection on 30th Dec 2019. I have received Full and Final settlement email with no due amount today. However it talks about modem recovery and penalty of Rs. 1500 if it is not done, while the devices recovery has already been done from my home on 11-Feb-2020 by your representative Mr. Riaz Shaikh. I have already emailed you the 'Equipment Recovery Acknowledgement Copy' on 12-Feb-2020 and today by email to Why are you then again talking about modem recovery. I am unable to attach image here (your forum registration is broken - it never sends activation mail, so not able to post directly to grievances).

Kindly confirm that there is no devices/modem recovery is pending from my side and also no further dues are pending from my side.

Below is the content of my email to you on 12-Feb-202 along with which I had also attached image of 'Equipment Recovery Acknowledgement Copy' and also clearly says that modem is on terrace common for many connections in the buildling and not just for me:

Dear Customer Care Team,

With reference to my Tikona connection termination request raised on 30th December 2019 (Req no 1-7684855049 as per your emails).

Please find attached equipment removal confirmation from your representative, Mr. Riaz Shaikh (9222000585).

I have returned following to him in working condition, yesterday (11 Feb 2020).
1. PoE Adaptor
2. Cable from device on building terrace to PoE adaptor
3. LAN cable.

4. The device on building terrace is common for many connections in the building.

I have paid all the bills including bill cycle in which I raised request ( till 6 th Jan 2020, request raised - 30th Dec 2019). Also as confirmed by you in writing on 13 Jan 2020 and 16 Jan 2020, rental was stopped from 9th January 2020 and there are no dues pending from my side. I have not used your services after 30th December 2019.

Kindly close my account and provide written confirmation that there are no dues pending from my side and the account (1113080542) has been permanently terminated.