No Service Since MANY MANY MANY days

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Re: No Service Since MANY MANY MANY days

Post by TikonaCare » June 28th, 2020, 2:26 pm

Dear Subscriber,

Greetings from Tikona.

Kindly note, the technical issue reported by you has been successfully resolved.

Currently you are able to access uninterrupted services and no issue is observed in the back-end.

Now you can register Technical complaints on 18002094276 / My Tikona App and for commercial you can register complaints through My Tikona APP, Chat (login page) & forum.

Tikona Care.


No Service Since MANY MANY MANY days

Post by 1122555454 » June 16th, 2020, 3:12 pm

Tikona User-ID 1122555454
What the hell is this Tikona? I have raised several complaints about NOT GETTING THE CONNECTION and also for NOT GETTING THE SPEED.
My complaints are going on for several days. But there is no resolution to my complaint even once.
What the hell are u doing over there. Just sitting back and looting us?
This is just not done man.
Even the appellate authorities are not doing anything. I have sent lots of mails to them also but they have not replied at least once. Just that automated mail will come that please enter the docket number. How many docket numbers should i enter.... Just go through all my complaints man, you will get to know. Its your responsibility to serve your customer. It's not my job to spoon feed you. You are the appellates. Its your responsibility to check for your customer and give them the service they need.

And if you guys cant provide me the service then just take your connection back and return me the money thats all. I am now really pissed with you guys.

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