Refund not initiated even post 6 months

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Re: Refund not initiated even post 6 months

Post by TikonaCare » November 23rd, 2020, 6:08 pm

This doesn't seem to be the experience we’d like you to have. Please share your 10 digit Customer ID or Registered Mobile Number so that our team can reach out to you with a resolution at the earliest. We'll ensure that you receive the best service from Tikona.


Refund not initiated even post 6 months

Post by ShreyasM » November 23rd, 2020, 3:31 pm

To whomsoever it may concern.

I had subscribed for Tikona Broadband network and following are my details:
BAN :137######
Payment Amount (Rs Ps): 4936
Payment Date: 17-03-2020
Payment ID : 1-7846######
Payment status: SUCCESS

Since then i Have been following up with the agents contacting me to get connection, earlier I was told that Market has no routers so I need to buy my own router and the router money 800 will be deducted from my Plan. I then got a router of 1400 INR which the consultant from Tikona agreed supports your connection. about 2/3 weeks post that he came and visited the site and said they will need some additional boxes installed on building terrace and then they had no personals available so cannot do it, so I was suggested by Sales person to initiate refund.
I got no response till Sept end, post that 1 person woke up and I was asked to share Cancelled cheque since it was more than 6 months they cannot refund in the original account from where payment was made. I have shared a copy of cancelled cheque twice to,, Customercare <>, and even Just to check if anyone in the so called famous service provider works and look at the mail but even after 25/30 mails till date (Note my calls never make through customer care cause as soon as i share my story they face technical issue and I get disconnected.) So now I have a TENDA router of 1400 INR lying around with no internet and total loss of 6366 INR. with multiple sms saying we will contact you in next 8 days, still looking for the 8th day.

I am expecting someone who created and maintains this forum works and can pass on message to right department as I am unable to contact anyone and feel scammed for 6.5K INR.

No Thanks.

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