Device collection and refund

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Device collection and refund

Post by 1109109052 » November 27th, 2013, 1:58 pm

Account ID : 1109109052

I had initiated a disconnection request on Oct 13th due to bad connectivity.

I have no full and final settlement amount.(2 mails were sent to me regarding this stating different amounts.But i checked with customer care(Mr.Sachin and there is no outstanding amount).

I had requested a refund in the first couple of weeks of connection, and 350Rs was initiated some time back.But i continued to have several issues , i must have used the connection for around 4 days only. I have sent several mails with attached proof for the same. I have not yet received a word on the refund.

I will detail the story:
Story :
1.) I received a connection (4Mbps) on the 14th of Sept. I paid 2600Rs.I had the connection for just over 24 hours and after that i could not even connect or hit the login page.
2.) I made several complaints and phone calls(must have spent around 200Rs calling the customer care) and after around 3 long weeks (THREE) a technician came and fixed it (Oct 7).
3.) The fix was for connectivity. Now another issue arises in a matter of hours. "Frequent Disconnection" : This automatic disconnection/reconnection happens extremely frequently at around once every 4 minutes or so.
4.) I had raised a few complaints about frequent disconnection from Oct 8th, a technician came today checked something and left,but i still face the issue and the same with very low upload and download speed.

Please initiate a fair refund .(350Rs is a very small amount when you were not able to provide services for 3 weeks and even that i have not received)
I dont think anyone will pay 2600 Rs(initial amount i had paid) for less than a week , for a bad internet connection.
For collection of device, i had already called Ms Roopa 3 weeks or earlier, but no update.
Request you to collect the tikona device from my address.(Call me before for my availability)
Im not sure if you will provide a refund after the device collection. :oops:

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