Getting threat calls from unknown person asking to pay Money

Re: Getting threat calls from unknown person asking to pay M

Postby TikonaCare » December 17th, 2013, 9:27 pm

Dear Mr. Chaudhary,

Greetings from Tikona.

We have checked and found that your account has been terminated as per your request and the devices have been recovered from your premises.

As per the Full & Final Settlement calculation you were liable to make the payment of Rs. 311/- and as you have cleared the same there are no dues pending against your account nor any refund is applicable.

We have also found that you have used the services till the date your account was terminated (2nd June 2013) and Full & Final Settlement calculation was charged as per the account termination date.

The billing summary and session history has been sent to you on your registered email id for your reference, we request you to refer the same.

We thank you for making the required payment.

Note: Unpaid cases even after multiple reminders through email, calls & SMS over a period of time is forwarded to legal team for further steps.

Tikona Care.
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Getting threat calls from unknown person asking to pay Money

Postby sanjay » December 12th, 2013, 3:55 pm

Hello There,

I Got the Installation got done for Tikona on 28-4-2012.(Tikona Service ID No. 1106295775)

The very Next day i realized it does not satisfy my need as the speed varies a lot and i need to work on US servers from my home.
And on 29-4-2012 i raised a compliant for disconnection of internet (Tikona services) . Compliant number : 1-2292678715

And was eagerly looking for my 1500 Rupees as a refund which i have paid during installation.

Then Kept on Requesting to kindly disconnect the Internet.( I have All of my mails and all with me form the day one).

After many of request to disconnect the internet got a response from Shrikant T. stating that the request is in progressing status and our backend team will contact you.

Which again didn't happen for long meanwhile i was requesting them to disconnect my tikona connection.

Again after few days a got a reply from Jaydeep J.stating the same, the disconnection request is in progress and it has been forwarded to the backend team for necessary action.

Then they asked me to call up tikona customer care.

Then when i tried calling up tikona customer care, Executive named bharat,dinesh and one more person picked up call(Called up three times).

As soon as i asked them about the complaint number,which i have raised, this persons (Mr. Bharat , Mr Dinesh Time around 11:30 PM to 11:50PM ) disconnected the call.

Then again sent mail regarding the status, for which i got a response that the disconnection is suppose to happen in 10 Days. Which never happened for a month.

Then got a call from tikona customer care team, requesting me for last chance regarding the broadband connection, to take disconnection request back. I got this call some three times by three different people.
For which i clearly mentioned them that i don't want to continue with the connection and asked them when is my connection going to get disconnected.

Instead of all this , meanwhile.......

Instead of disconnecting the connection, i am getting bill stating that i still need to pay 364.51 Rupees.As per bill Current Bill Amount is 1865.51 which includes the advance charges for this month also.
I was been told (at the time of installation) that every month 250 rupees will be reimbursed for installation charge.I don't see anything like this is the bill. I had already paid 1500 Rupees.

Then soon they started sending mails regarding the payment of bill.

I kept on requesting them to pay my refund back.

Soon i started getting calls from tikona bill department, and they never use to care what i am saying them to refund my money. They simply use to say please pay the bill.

soon they started saying that we will got to legal department and started irritating by give calls again and again and use to talk as if they are threatening me.

I kept on requesting them to pay my money back.

this all went on for few months and i after that even i lost the track.

Then suddenly after a 1 year + i got a call from some one mentioning that he is a Delhi High Court advocate
in a threatening voice asking me to pay the bill of 311 Rupees or be ready for the consequences as he will file a case against me at Delhi High court.Even i told him very politely that i need to get money from tikona and as soon as he heard that he disconnected the call.The number used for this call by that person is 91-8957629009.
Then i kept on calling back but he din't answered my call. Next day again he called up during my office hours and again started saying the same without listening to me what i am saying.

Then i started getting the mails from stating demand notice.

All this is taking away a lot of my expensive time and is irritating me a lot.

Kindly please payback my money back.

Every one is aware of the TRAI rules that the disconnection request should be resolved within 7 days and you guys took more then a month and now instead of refunding my money back.
You are continuously threatening me one or the other way to pay you money.
This is disgusting. If this issue is not sorted out soon, i will go to all consumer forum and legal forums to act against Tikona.

Please pay back my money in a weeks time.

Hope you understand the situation i am undergoing just because i opted for Tikona services.

Please sort this out ASAP.

Thank you
(Tikona Service ID No. 1106295775)
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