Complain for return of extra money paid and false billing

Re: Complain for return of extra money paid and false billin

Postby TikonaCare » December 17th, 2013, 10:22 pm

Dear Mr. Ranjan,

Greetings from Tikona.

As checked we have found that your account has been terminated as per your request also the devices have been recovered from your premises.

The disconnection request was given by you on October 4, 2013 and the last payment received from you was for the billing period of 15-Aug-2013 to 14-Sep-2013.

Therefore on the basis of disconnection request received date, you were charged for the billing period of 15-Sep-2013 to 14-Oct-2013.

Currently we have processed the refund of Rs. 3285.00 for the excess payment made by you.

The refund cheque will be delivered to you within the next 25 working days.

Note: If disconnection request is received in between a billing cycle, the whole billing cycle is payable to the customer.

Tikona Care.
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Complain for return of extra money paid and false billing

Postby nishant1520 » December 14th, 2013, 1:02 pm

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I had raised a complain for disconnecting my internet connection on around 5th October 2013
after which the connection was finally disconnected on 19th October 2013. My billing cycle
starts from 15th of the month. So, even with my disconnection request from 5th October, bill
for the next billing period i.e., 15oct - 14 nov 2013 cycle was generated for which I have not
used the internet connection at all. Further to this, I was also harassed on phone to pay the
excess bill of Rs 5069 from your collecting agents even after my sincere requests for correct
bill claims and not the amount which was wrongly reflected as the final settlement. After this
I had to pay the excess bill on so much aggression from your end.

So, i request your attention on two requests from my side :
1.) Since, disconnection request was raised on 5th October and terminated on 19th, there is no
point in charging for an entire month of billing cycle when there was no internet usage for
the period at all. I request you to readjust this in final settlement.

2.) Since, I have already paid an excess amount of Rs 1500 more than the final settlement on your demand,
I now sincerely demand my excess dues should be paid back at earliest.

3.) Please stop threatening the customers and claiming excess bills.

I have raised a complain with your Customer care executive on phone with Complain id 1-2948653728.
Also, i raised a request by mail on 2nd dec. online request number : 1-2949224986
There was no response on these complains till 12 days.

So, again i raised a complain on 14th dec. Request number: 1-2969871555.

I sincerely hope my request will not fall on deaf ears and will be processed with high
priority at your end or i will be forced to move to consumer court.

Nishant Ranjan
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