Tikona Account-1105206023_Bad Exp. with Customer care execu.

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Re: Tikona Account-1105206023_Bad Exp. with Customer care ex

Post by TikonaCare » December 20th, 2013, 7:40 pm

Dear Mr. Singh,

Greetings from Tikona.

With regards to your concern, we had asked our quality team to do a detailed check on your account and we found the below mentioned details.

• We confirm that we had received your call in the month of Oct, the call duration was 9 Mins and our executive did online trouble shooting on this call and as there was a need to check the backend, the call was placed on hold and the call was disconnected from your end as it was a long hold.

• The next call done by you was on November 9, 2013 and in this call you explained that there was a technical issue that you are facing for a long time and your calls were always kept on hold and later disconnected from our end. For this our executive informed you that your complaint will be escalated to our technical team for proper analysis hence there is no need to go for disconnection and you had agreed to the same.

• As a part of follow-up on the received complaint we tried to contact you several times in order to resolve your issue, however only once we got an opportunity to speak to you and we understand that you asked us to call after one hour and after one hour when our team contacted you, we were unable to get any response and on November 12, 2013 we had to close your complaint as we were unable to contact you.

• We received your next call on November 27th 2013, regarding the bill reminder calls you were getting on our billing help desk and you requested for a waiver on your account however we had informed you that no waiver is applicable on your account. As you had a dispute, we raised a waiver request for our specialized team to check, the call was transferred to our technical team and our technical support executive informed that there is no issue from the backend and requested you to send the screen shot of the speed test to customercare@tikona.in if you face the issue again.

• On November 29, 2013 we received a call regarding waiver request raised by you on November 27, 2013 for which our executive informed you that the request has been closed as there is no waiver applicable against your account.

• The last call we received from you was on December 2, 2013 regarding waiver dispute and our executive explained that there is no waiver applicable, for this you asked our executive to disconnect the connection and a disconnection request was raised and later your account was terminated on December 17, 2013.

As per our discussion, you have requested for a call back and we have scheduled a call on your requested date.

Note: Waiver is only provided in the cases where customer faces technical issue and the issue is reported by customer, no such issue was reported by you.

Tikona Care.

sanjeev singh

Tikona Account-1105206023_Bad Exp. with Customer care execu.

Post by sanjeev singh » December 17th, 2013, 10:49 am


I am ‘Sanjeev Singh’ and was using Tikona service since 2010. now I deactivated my account.

Please have a look on below issues, as was facing network issues/problem with tikona and customer care executive did not provide proper solution for technical issue and request you to provide me waiver on my billing amount .

Please find my Detail and Issue below:

Name – Sanjeev Singh

Account No- 1105206023

1-For Waiver/wave-off, Could you please have a look at issue and data usages and let me know If you can provide wavier in the billing amount that will be acceptable?

(Charging the customer as per your standard policy is appreciated, but the connectivity issue, less data usage and many other issue should take care of customer convenience.)

2-Could you please check the detail of my Interaction with your Customer care executive and their suggestion??.

3-would there be a forum where concerns about the customer care would be addressed?


I had been facing a problem in my Tikona Brodband since Jan 2013 and many times had raised complain for technical issue and also got waiver on my billing amount from your end.

The issue was while using the Tikona it frequently disconnect in every 2-3 min. and also facing low connectivity issue. Due to these issue was unable to use Tikona for the ‘Skype’ and other official work. Please find the speed test attached with the mail.

I really got frustrated with your Customer care executive, when I called them to resolve the problem.


When i called (2-3 times) to Tikona customer care and they asked me to do few activity (plug-unplug LAN wire, enable – disable N/w Connection) and then they put on hold, after 20-25 min waiting, did not get any response, finally I had to disconinect the call.


Finally I decided to deactivate the tikona account and called to customer care and requested to deactivate the same. But they said to wait for 2 days if the technical support team will not resolve the issue in 2 days, the tikona team will deactivate my account.

The technical team called me next day,

1st time- I was in meeting and requested him for call back later.

2nd time- I got call again (as waiting) from them, at that time i was busy in another call then in the same day evening got mail from technical team for closing ticket

They closed the ticket but did not deactivate my account as per conversation ‘if the technical support team will not resolve the issue in 2 days, the tikona team will deactivate my account.’

After a week I checked the network and found that as working and next week got a bill for ‘Nov-2013’ Month.

Please note that i had already raised a request for deactivation of my tikona account (9th Nov - 28- Nov, 3rd Dec, 16 Dec), but as per telephonic conversation with tikona execcutive, it seems my account still in active state.. request you to please deactivate my account and provide waiver on the billing account.

Please think and suggest me if you face the same issue what would be your action?

Request you to please provide the waiver on my billing amount, once I get the waiver, will pay the amount asap.

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