Poor Customer call Conectivity

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Re: Poor Customer call Conectivity

Post by TikonaCare » December 21st, 2013, 6:43 pm

Dear Mr. Sherif,

Greetings from Tikona.

Currently the services are working fine and you are not facing any technical issues.

Further regarding call disconnection, we appreciate your feedback, however, it is possible due to technical or system issue, we will check and address the same.

For any further issues/queries, you can contact us on our toll free number 1-800-209-4276.

Tikona Care


Poor Customer call Conectivity

Post by 1108962715 » December 17th, 2013, 11:56 pm

I called the cudtomer service technical Hotline thrice today and my call was on waiting for far too long.
Also when I was in call with the engineer, my call was abruptly disconnected twice in the middle of troubleshooting. It was rather annoying to call repeatedly and getting disconnected. It would be nice on your side if these kind of issues are resolved so that customers dont feel irritated. these kinds of little things make users migrate to diff networks. Do consider this as a grievance from my side and act on it.

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