Speed downgrade

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Re: Speed downgrade

Post by TikonaCare » January 8th, 2014, 9:51 pm

Dear Subscriber,

Greetings from Tikona.

The plan opted by you is ADULM2048 and the primary speed of this plan is 2MBPS till the completion of fair usage of 50GBs and post completion of fair usage the speed depends on the contention ratio.

This information is available in our product brochure and we have tried to explain you the same, however you did not wish to discuss this and the call was disconnected from your end.

Further we have escalated your details to the concerned team to check and share the necessary feedback against the executive.

We request you to click on below given link and refer our product brochure available on our website to change your current data plan as per your requirement.

Visit: http://tikona.in/for-homes-wireless-bro ... ans-Mumbai

Also, we request you to refer the link below in order to improvise Speed Performance of the service:

Link: viewtopic.php?f=52&t=114&p=133&hilit=improve+speed#p133

For any further issues/queries, you can contact us on our toll free number 1-800-209-4276.

Note: The "contention ratio" is the maximum number of other people you will have to share the connection infrastructure with. So a contention ratio of 1:50 would mean that the maximum number of people you could be sharing the connection with at any time is 49 other people. If all 50 people were downloading at the same time then your download speed could drop, in reality though this doesn't happen and you can enjoy much faster download speeds.

Contention Ratio: 1:10 for Bill Free plans, 1:20 for Bonus Bandwidth and Unlimited Plans. TDN reserves right to increase contention ratio up to 1:50 for Unlimited Usage Plans, if usage during the billing cycle crosses fair usage.

Tikona Care.

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Speed downgrade

Post by sachin1990 » January 5th, 2014, 8:51 pm

Same problem. What's more is when I asked the person who had come to give me the connection about Fair usage details, he specifically told me that the speed won't be reduced no matter how much I browse. Even when I asked him about it 2 or 3 times.

The employee of Tikona (P. Mari) misled me into taking the connection. On top of that, he misbehaved when I complained to the customer care.


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