Bullying tactics by Tikona to claim false bill

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Re: Bullying tactics by Tikona to claim false bill

Post by TikonaCare » January 9th, 2014, 8:51 pm

Dear Mr. Mishra,

Greetings from Tikona.

As checked we have found that your account has been terminated as per your request also the devices have been recovered from your premises.

The disconnection request was given by you on August 14, 2013 and the last payment done by you was for the billing period of 15-May-2013 to 14-Aug-2013 for the opted plan ADULQ512K (Quarterly Plan).

As per the usage history, you have used the services till August 15, 2013 and due to this the billing cycle from 15-Aug-2013 to 14-Nov-2013 was payable to you as per the Full & Final Settlement policy, however we have found that the usage done by you was only 35MBs, hence we considering this as low usage & we have processed the waiver against your outstanding as an exception.

Currently there are no dues pending against your account, nor any refund is applicable.

A confirmation mail has been sent to you on your registered email id.

Note: The Full & Final Settlement amount is calculated on basis of disconnection request received date or last usage date, whichever is later also if usage is found in between a billing cycle, then the whole billing period is charged to the customer.

Tikona Care.

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Bullying tactics by Tikona to claim false bill

Post by soumitra » January 6th, 2014, 4:53 pm

I became a customer of Tikona to avail internet service on 8-29-2012. At Tikona, customers have to pay in advance to avail internet unlike other service providers. In other words, a customer has to pay the bill on April 15 to avail internet service from April 15 to July 14.

Accordingly, I paid Rs 1784 on March 5 for the period of Feb 15 to May 14, 2013. Towards March-end, I could not get internet due to some technical faults. Two days after my complaint, I got a call from Tikona to explain. But no one turned up. A few days later, I got a SMS that the problem has been solved. I was being denied of the service despite full payment in advance.

Following a number of calls, I was tired. I had no option but to forget the amount I had paid till May 14. The next bill was due for May 15 to Aug 14. When I did not pay, Tikona started calling me every other day. Every time I was advised to talk to Customer Care once again. This time my problem will be solved without fail. I decided not to pay.

One executive finally turned up. It was a minor problem and he took hardly ten minutes to fix. The guy called his senior from my place, and promised me that I will be compensated the lapse period in the next bill. I paid the full amount for May 15 to August 14, 2013.

I got a mail from Tikona on July 18 about renewal of my service for the period of Aug 15 to Nov 14, 2013. I began pleading to adjust the period for which I could not avail internet, as promised. That did not happen. I waited till August 14. That was the last day of the period I had already paid. This time I was determined I won’t repeat my mistake.

On August 14, I called Customer Care to request to disconnect the service and close my account. Tikona registered my request but did not oblige. Tikona began calling me, trying to persuade not to discontinue the service. They began chasing me, spoke over phones for hours. It was so frustrating, irritating and what not…

However, I had made up my mind not to be trapped any more. Finally Tikona realized I am in no mood to listen to them, and agreed to close the account. I received a mail with a bill of Rs 548/- as final settlement due.

When I asked to explain how I owed the amount, the explanation was my request for closure was made on August 14. But Tikona requires 15 days to close the service. Since I had paid till August 14, I have to pay Rs 548/- for the period of 15 days Tikona took to close my account.

I explained I did not login after August 14. I did not avail the service for even one minute after that. Why should I pay for a period I did not avail? Tikona is in no mood to listen to me. I have been receiving emails, calls to pay the bill or face the music. The conversations are not gentle. They speak rudely like recovery agents. Twice, callers introduce them as advocates from the Tikona Legal cell, and ask to pay or threaten to drag you to the court of law...

Best regards,

Soumitra Mishra
Vaishali, Ghaziabad
Tikona Customer Care Closure Request ID: 1-2732073344
Tikona account number: BAN – 118671524
Service ID: 1107143636
Tel No: 99xxxxxxxx
email: xxxxxxxx@gmail.com

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