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Post by TikonaCare » January 11th, 2014, 10:12 pm

Dear Mr. Ahmed,

Greetings from Tikona.

As checked we have found that your account has been terminated as per your request.

Your account was terminated on September 15, 2013 and as the devices were not handed over to us, termination penalty of Rs. 1500/- was charged against your account and later in the month of December, 2013 the devices were returned by you.

Therefore the penalty charged against your account has been removed and as per the Full & Final Settlement calculation, there are no further dues pending against your account.

A confirmation mail has been sent to you on your registered email id.

Tikona Care.

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Post by Shakeeb_24 » January 9th, 2014, 3:33 pm

Dear Sir/Madam,

My USER ID: 1105667035
MY Acc No. : 117141741

Reference Complaint nos:


I had placed a request for the disconnection in the month of Sep, 2013.
I have all my dues cleared and also handed over the device. I also have the acknowledgement for the device handover. I also have mail for communication with subject line "FULL AND FINAL AMOUNT CALCULATION", which is all Rs 0.00

I had received a bill of 1500 against the device in the month of Dec;had handed it over on he 5th of Dec. There was a delay in handover from my end as i was moving to a different place in the same city. So, I had to call up the customer care guys to please send some representative to come and collect the device.

Once I had the acknowledgement of the device handover, I was relaxed and happy to have ended the relation with Tikona. But to my shock, I started getting calls from people, who introduced themselves to be an advocate from new delhi, and asked me to come down to delhi court, or my lawyer, or give this much os amount to nbullify the case. These callers were very rude and had no mannerism to talk, I had politely told them that all my dues are clear and I also hace the acknowledgement for the device handover, you better talk to the tikona guyz and clarify.

Immediately I called up the CC and came to know that they had not received any entry for my device handover. So, on the same day, 28th of Dec, I scanned the ACK and dropped them an email with the attachment.

The representatuive assured me that I would no more recieve calls from their legal department. But again I got a call from a lady yesterday( 8890117806), acting to be from the first flight courier service, and said that I had a courier from HDFC bank, and that she needed me to drop my mailing address on the same number. I did so, and later realized that, I was not expecting any courier from HDFC, so I called up that no for almost 10 times, every time it was disconnected. thel i just serached for that no on teh internet, and found on forums that it was a tikona no, wherein people had had the same conversation as i did and had dropped their mailing add.

This does not get over here, again I received a call today from 9784574204, the person again said that he was an advocate and that tikona has filed a case and they have asend a notice for thesame. He again gave me options to either, pay some amopunt, or come down to delhi court or send in my lawyer.

I again called up the CC and talked to one Mr. Prem Sharma, floor supervisor, billing department. Now he has a different say. he said that although all my dues are clear, they also have recieved the acknowledgment copy of the device handover, but since I had delayed the handover I have to pay another 1500.

Could somebody help me out if this guy, Mr Prem Sharma, is asking for an amount of 1500, just because there was a delay in handover is correct ????????

I also need in written(email) a no dues clearance, NOC and an assurance that I would not receive those calls hereafter.

Please respond ASAP.


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