Tikona Fraud advocate cases and wrong calls

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Re: Tikona Fraud advocate cases and wrong calls

Post by TikonaCare » March 30th, 2014, 7:31 pm

Dear Mr. Malleni,

Greetings from Tikona.

We have checked and found that your account has been terminated as per your request and the devices have been recovered from your premises.

As per the Full & Final Settlement calculation, you were liable to make the payment of Rs. 616 charged for the billing period of 26-Jan-2014 to 25-Feb-2014, same was communicated to you by email and several payment reminder calls were also given to you however the payment was still not cleared by you, therefore your account details were further shared with our legal team for necessary action.

Currently as you have cleared your outstanding, there are no dues pending against your account nor any refund is applicable.

We thank you for making the required payment.

Tikona Care.

janaki ram
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Tikona Fraud advocate cases and wrong calls

Post by janaki ram » March 27th, 2014, 3:20 pm

Hello Tikona,

My Name is janaki ram,I called up for the new relocation from one address to other in February and as there is no possibility of range at the new address,your member told me to disconnect and i immediately raised a concern to Tikona and i heard back that it is disconnected.

But suddenly yesterday i got a call from one of your advocate saying that i need to pay Rs:2500 else the case will be filed on my name in Delhi.I could never understand how can i get a bill of 2500 if i paid until February and i also paid a one month extra bill at the start.

When i see now my account is still in working condition and tikona generated bill until march also.
This is really unaccepted behavior from Tikona ,atleast you should learn or correct the fraud you are doing with the customers.

Even if i am trying to call tikona,for your customer care number it saying we will respond back and never

Please respond back..!
My userID: 1105354711
the phone number from whom i received a call, saying i am from delhi: 9212362733(Shivani Advocate).

Ram J Malleni

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