Take my advice close your company & stop cheating Loyal Customers

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Take my advice close your company & stop cheating Loyal Customers

Post by karan1156225 » December 29th, 2020, 10:36 pm

For USER ID - 1108318306

With reference to the request no.1-9225744647

As per our telephonic conversation yesterday I am not convinced with any any offers provided by you because you are not providing any offer that is beneficial for me. You need to take back your contradicting statement which is given to me by mail for which I can move legally forward in consumer court.

1) You are not providing discount of 15% that is promised to provide if I continue using Tikona Services ( Email received by Tikona on 23rd Dec 1:14 PM to me)

2) Again denied for providing 1000Gbs bonus data as loyalty bonus by saying that it will be provided to half yearly plans only. Whereas it is not mentioned this t&c anywhere in the mail i have received refer to ( Email received by Tikona on 23rd Dec 1:14 PM to me)

3) I have being informed that if i stay/ continue using Tikona Services and change my monthly plan to Quarterly Plan than Dual Band Wifi Router will be provided to me for using uninterrupted services at high speed but again Denied now by your Tikona executive i wonder different training had being given to different executive of yours that's why each time other executive gives different information.

I am using Tikona Services from last 8 years almost even after paying them continuosly & not delying any Bill payment this is what i am getting.

Competition is providing value for money Plans with free Wi-Fi Router at monthly plans & that to FIBRE CONNECTION for example JIO FIBRE giving 30mbps UL plan 399/- PM only with free 1st month Trial offer that i have mentioned in this mail With reference to the request no.1-9225744647

So i am letting you know that if Tikona is not providing me who is using their services from last 8 Years than they will not provide you any better Services so take my advise & don't go for Tikona they cheated cheated & cheated there customers to next level extent.

Also i have installed Tikona i have given 800-1000 Rs extra with the Quarterly plan Charges that was 1500/- & plan name was ADULM512K that i remember & now only 500 Rs is installation charges taken by Tikona by providing Dual Band Router to the customers that is again cheating with all the old customers like me who is using there services from past 8 Years.

They call again & again to sell there not worthy Plans what i will do with your outdated CAT5 tech Connection when their Optic Fibre connection of many Companies available at much cheaper price with CAT6 technology like JIO,AIRTEL,BSNL & HATHWAY are providing.

Mine was the first connection in my area for which Durga Nagar AP was built and more than 11 connections i have referred for tikona that i will make DISCONNECTION for them also as they have installed Tikona On my recommendations only Now when i am not receiving good services, then why I will continue them with Tikona.

Very very very bad experience 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

I am going to take DISCONNECTION FINALLY let me know what is the procedure of the same as i have paid in advance for the billing period 15Nov 2020 to 14 Jan 2021 i will use their service till this date only.

Waiting for your reply.

Karan Singh

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