How to connect Sony Bravia with Tikona

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Re: How to connect Sony Bravia with Tikona

Post by dklimbani1 » May 26th, 2018, 2:06 pm

There will be a firmaware you need to update first if you are using old model. In new models automatically interface identify the model. If you are planning to buy new LED tv than check out this article.

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Re: How to connect Sony Bravia with Tikona

Post by Prasad » November 21st, 2012, 1:45 pm

You can connect your Sony Bravia TV to Tikona Broadband with following options :

1. Using Wired Setup :

Your TV supports Ethernet port and you can connect your TV Ethernet port to Tikona WiFi home router with a Ethernet cable. You can configure Network in Auto mode . For more details on configuring your TV Network settings , watch for more details.

Open your browser (Opera is supported on your TV ) and do a login . Enjoy Internet browsing on your TV now.

This is the preferred option against Wi-Fi Connectivity .

2. Using Wireless Connectivity

This is not a recommended option as Wi-Fi interference may not give you best performance .

Tikona @llhomeWiFi is provided with highest security i.e. 802.1x WPA2 AES . However USB Wireless LAN Adapter UWA-BR100 , which is provided by Sony , does not support 802.1x . We do not recommend lowering Security on your home connection .

In case you insist on connecting via WiFi, You can buy any Wi-Fi bridge supporting 802.1x (WPA2-Enterprise) and connect to Ethernet/USB port . Configure you router with SSID = tikonawifi , Authentication/Security set to WPA2-Enterprise / 802.1x and use your tikona username/Password for Authentication .

We also suggest that you upgrade your Tariff Plan with more bandwidth to give you best viewing experience . (For E.g. ADULA2048/ ADULA4096 etc)

In case you need more details , Our Technical Team will be happy to assist you .
Prasad Bhatte

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