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Outdoor device

Postby rohangore11 » January 4th, 2015, 4:52 pm

Hi Members,

It is very sad to say that the outdoor device provided by your company is of very low quality. I have installed the Tikona service yesterday hoping that I will get a very good service. But my these hopes lasted just for an hour caz soon after I stopped receiving signal.

Then I have to call the customer care where they assured me to solve the problem but were unable to do so. So next day installation engineer (Mr. Hanumant Natikar) came to my house and detected that the device was found to be defective. So he replaced and my problem was solved but this cost me with no service the last whole night where I had to perform my important task.

One advice please, do not cheat customers by giving false product and let us suffer, we are paying for your service and not using it free of cost.

I hope other customers do not suffer in future. Thanks

Rohan Gore
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