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customer authentication process

Postby deepakt » January 13th, 2015, 5:35 pm

Dear Tikona & Tech Team

i see a big problem with your customer authentication process especially in online chat . i was asked to answer my USERID/Mobile# Email Address, Date of birth and Billing Address.

this is not right process, we(Customers) are exposed to risk - misuse/re-use of sensitive personal information.

as better solution to this. you can add a page in profile tab of and ask 5 general questions to a customer like
City | first school name | First Pet name | Grandparent's name | Favorite Movie Name, etcetra...
Further making sure that your system can store and retrieve this data during a call
this way your Help-desk guys can verify the questions & answers with customer for authentication in future.

i believe this best possible process to authenticate each other without a glitch. looking for change soon. Thank you
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