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Postby koolsohail » March 7th, 2015, 7:27 pm

I myself Sohail Patel.My userid is 1107584119.I wanted to share some of the suggestions & feedback regarding the Tikona services.

Enquiry Regarding the rollout of 4G Services:

Since long we are waiting for the 4G services,recently we have got the information that 4G services has been launched in Varanasi.I wanted to know when will tikona rollout 4G services in Gujarat?We are eagerly waiting for the 4G services.Please launch the services as soon as possible.

Suggestions regarding the Tikona Services

In the session history option we are currently able to see the session history for upto 3 months only,for getting the session history for more than 3 months we have to mail the customer care to get the session history.Previously there was an option of View Older Data but it has been removed.It should be brought back.
In the login page itself there should be the facility to see the Session Realtime Data.It should show Received Data,Sent Data, etc, in the login page itself.
Tikona has recently brought the mobile version of its website,tikona should also lookforward to bring & launch its mobile application.
TIkona should also bring Tikona Dialer,if the login page is giving some issues dialer will be an alternative way to login & use the services.
Tikona should relaunch the Quarterly Plans,Half Yearly Plans & Annual Plans.
Tikona should also bring the facility of Online Plan Change via selfcare portal.
Since tikona has upgraded & modified its Selfcare Portal & Its official Website, it should also upgrade & modify the Login Page & Speed Test Portal.Since long the login page & Speedtest portal is not upgraded & modified.

I request you to look forward to my suggestions & try to implement it..

SohailHusen Patel
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