Selfcare Portal Issues & Suggestions

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Selfcare Portal Issues & Suggestions

Post by koolsohail » July 25th, 2015, 8:29 pm


I wanted to share some of the issues with the Selfcare Portal.

1. In the Session History Option there is one link added Show Older Data,in that another page gets opened and it asks for the From Date & TO Date, but when ever we enter from & to date it shows the error "Mail Could not be sent due to some Error".
2. In the Tools Menu there is an option Recomended Plans, whenever we click on it we are getting the error message Sorry. No plan migration available for the plan:XYZ.
3. To open/access the selfcare portal we have to manually enter https://,direclty we cannot open the selfcare portal by entering have to manually enter does not take https:// automatically. This problem is there in all the browsers.

Some suggestions regarding the services:

1. The speedtest portal has been upgraded but in the Title bar it is showing Ookla Netgauge Demo Speedtest, I have attached the screenshot.Previously it was showing Tikona Speedtest Portal..
2. Recently Tikona has launched its 4G services in Varanasi,we are eagerly waiting for the launch in our Region especially Gujarat. Please launch the services as soon as possible.If possible please provide some dates or approximate time for the rollout.
3. As tikona has upgraded & modified all its websites & portals tikona should also upgrade & modify its Login Page with new features & services.
4. Tikona should also bring its mobile application through which we can be able to pay the bills,view the session history,etc.
5. Tikona was previously testing the connection in PPPOE Mode in some of the regions, i wanted to know that when will it be finally available for us.
6. Tikona should bring the Quarterly,Half Yearly & Annual Plans,all the competitor companies are providing this type of plans.
7. Tikona should totally remove the FUP Limits & make all the plans Unlimited without speed limit or FUP limits.
8. Tikona should increase the Upload Speed, currently the upload speed of 512 kbps is very low.

I hope tikona just lookinto my suggestions & try to implement it to help & serve us with better services.

SohailHusen Patel

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