Speedtest Results Different

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Speedtest Results Different

Postby koolsohail » April 19th, 2018, 10:34 am

Difference in the speedtest results in two different websites.

I checked the speed on the following websites


The results shown in tikona speedtest& speedtest.net is as follows:

Tikona Speedtest Speedtest.net (Ookla)
Download 0.36mbps 14.81 mbps
Upload 3.82 3.62
Latency 14.00 ms 11 ms

Tikona speedtest portal is not showing proper speeds.

In all the 3 Websites the results are differnet.

I dont face any tpe of speed issue or something else.

The speedtest.net shows proper speeds while the tikona speedtest portal does not show proper speeds.
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