How to Login in TIKONA using Mobile.???

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Re: How to Login in TIKONA using Mobile.???

Post by tarun.kumar » December 3rd, 2012, 4:11 pm

For your Phone / Device to get Authenticated on Tikona Wireless Broadband Network , your login details and Password must reach Tikona Server from your Phone /Device. This happens with any standard browser.

However , When you request a page in Opera Mini, the request is sent to the Opera Mini server that then downloads the page from the Internet. The server then wraps up your page up in a compressed package (Opera call it OBML), and send back to your phone Opera Mini . (For more details )

Thus Opera mini is not the browser working on your phone but on the Opera Server. Hence your Phone does not get authenticated .

Thus you can use any other browser (Opera Mobile , Chrome , Safari or Native ) which will work but not Opera Mini . :idea:
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Re: How to Login in TIKONA using Mobile.???

Post by ara » November 29th, 2012, 9:45 pm


It works on Google Chorme & Mozilla Firefox

Even Opera Mobile browser also works but Opera Mini won't work !!

>>> opera mini : ... ( wont work)
>>> opera mobile : ... ra.browser (works perfectly)

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Re: How to Login in TIKONA using Mobile.???

Post by Prasad » November 29th, 2012, 5:28 pm

ara wrote:Dear friends,

I am using Wi-fi router ( TP-LINK ) to connect internet..

Evertime when i switch on router. My smartphone cannot automatically login. It can't get login page from mobile.

I have to switch on my PC & login through PC... Then internet will be connected in mobile....

In some cases your mobile/smart device shows connected to tikonawifi SSID/ Personal Router SSID but on browser you can able to see loading login page.... but not able to login and hence browse.

E.g. For Apple smart phone if javascript for Safari Browser is disabled then you will get response as Loding login page...
In your case for Sony xperia mobile device and having only one browser which is Opera, same issue is observed. And due to this you have to first login on your system after which session also get statrted on phone.(as you are using Personal Router)

We are checking about settings for Opera Browser but time being you can able to use service by downloading different browser such as Mozilla Firefox and let us know the feedback.
Prasad Bhatte

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