How to Configure Personal Router

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How to Configure Personal Router

Post by Prasad » November 16th, 2012, 5:11 pm

1. Connect your Desktop/Laptop to Wi-Fi Router via LAN Cable.
2. Type ipconfig in command prompt, Note default gateway & enter that IP in Web Browser and try to login using Default credentials.

Please carefully check Default Gateway and login credentials of your Personal Router to ensure successful Router setting process.

Note: Default Credentials & Default Gateway varies for Different Routers. Please find below Default Credentials for most commonly used Personal Routers.

Default User Name: (Keep Blank)
Default Password: admin
Default Gateway:

Default User Name: admin
Default Password: (Keep Blank)
Default Gateway:

Default User Name: admin
Default Password: password
Default Gateway:

Default User Name: admin
Default Password: (Keep Blank)
Default Gateway:

You may refer viewtopic.php?f=50&t=143259&p=172722#p172722 link for more list

3. Wireless Settings should be as below

Network Name/ SSID: Write Network Name which you want to Broadcast for your home wireless Connectivity.(Ensure there are no spaces or special characters in your network name)

Wireless SSID Broadcast: Enable Broadcast

Region: Asia/ India ( As per options available in settings)

Channel: Keep it on Auto mode, If Auto option is not there then select any random Channel

Mode: Mixed/ Both b and g mode

Security Option: WPA2 PSK (Wi-Fi protected access Pre-Shared Key)

Passphrase Key: User has to set this key as per his convenience and same has been used while connecting WI-FI devices to his personal Router.

Note: Make sure that your passphrase key is having strong keyword so that no one can guess it easily. Strong Passphrase key will help to ensure security.

4. Internet/ WAN Settings:
Internet Settings:
Select Option from one of the below
Dynamic IP/ Get Dynamically From ISP/ Automatic Configuration-DHCP

5. LAN Settings:
This setting will specify IP Settings allotted to your Device( Laptop/Smart Device etc).
LAN Settings/Router Settings/DHCP Server Settings: Keep this on DHCP.

6. Keep Firewall settings disable/off.
This is suggested as many customer faced frequent disconnection and after checked thoroughly found that some router’s self-firewall has very low threshold for syn packet hence blocking IP temporary & then release after some interval, this resembles intermediate disconnection.

> Finally, Save above settings and remove cable from Router.
> Restart the Router.
> Now you can able to view SSID which you have broadcasted, on laptop wi-fi utility.
Click on SSID, It will ask for Passphrase Key, Enter same key which you have set on router configuration.
> Now open browser and load Login page
Prasad Bhatte

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