How to improve Speed Performance?

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How to improve Speed Performance?

Post by tik_admin » November 15th, 2012, 7:18 pm

Following best practices will help you to improvise Speed Performance of the service

1. Use Wired /Ethernet Connection
For the most accurate speed test results run the speed test from a computer using a direct wired connection. If you use Tikona Wi-Fi make sure you are close to Wi-Fi Modem..
2. Clear Browser Cache
Periodically clearing your cache may help improve system performance and throughput .
3. Limit Number of Applications
Minimize the number of applications that you have running simultaneously on your PC, along with the number of tabs open in your browser to improve performance. While running speed test close all other tabs and browser windows.
4. Check your Firewall Settings
Sometimes firewall settings or running more than one firewall simultaneously can impact speed test results. Disabling firewall may improve performance.
5. Limit Number of Connected Devices
Limiting the number of devices (e.g. computers, gaming systems, mobile phones, etc.) sharing your Internet connection, can improve performance. Your Internet bandwidth is divided among all devices that are being used by the service.
6. Run Virus/Spyware Scans Regularly
Be sure to run virus and spyware scans regularly to keep your computer free from infections thereby improving performance. Tikona provides ‘Complimentary’ licensed Antivirus as part of your subscription.
7. PC Configuration
Your PC configuration needs to match minimum system configurations as mentioned on (>product&services>> For Homes >>Tariff Plans->). For configurations lower than as required will impact speed performance.
8. Circuit breaker plans
If you are under circuit breaker plan and speed is throttled to 64/128 Kbps then you may feel the speed issue. TDN provides the flexibility to make online payment of your chosen amount to enjoy full 2/4 Mbps speed.
9. Reboot your Computer
Periodically turning your computer OFF/ON will close programs that are running in the background and can improve your
10.Reboot Tikona Modem
Turning the power to your Tikona Wireless Modem OFF/ON will reset your connection and may improve your performance. Wait for about 5 minutes after power cycle.

Important Guidelines

Never share your service password with anyone (including TIKONA representatives)
Sharing your Tikona service password may result in sharing your bandwidth besides security risk.Check Security alerts to know more about phishing sites. If you suspect unauthorized usage, reset your password thru links provided on Login page .It is a good practice to have your password changed periodically.

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