Technical Assistance - Some Quick Steps

Technical Assistance - Some Quick Steps

Postby TikonaCare » November 16th, 2012, 6:30 pm

Some quick tips to resolved frequently faced technical issues:

If you are using Indoor modem[CPE]:
 Ensure that the modem is never displaced from the location (usually nearby open space i.e windows) where it was installed for receiving optimum signal strength. Power ON the modem. Check if the LED status (1st LED from right) is stable green which indicates that signal strength is excellent.
 Plug the Lan cable from CPE in LAN port of system/PC.
 Please ensure that your laptop wireless button is switched ON, incase connecting through @ll Home service<wifi service>

Scenario of Outdoor modem :
 Power On the adaptor(Check for LED on adaptor, it should be glowing once adaptor is powered ON), wait for few minutes<3 to 5 minutes>(this is needed for device to acquire proper signals), plug the Lan cable in system(PC)
 Ensure that cables are plugged in respective ports(cable coming from outdoor device should be plugged in POE/ODU port of adaptor, one end of another Lan cable should be plugged in LAN port of adaptor with other end plugged in system/PC LAN port)
 Post doing this step, open the browser and type or in address bar of browser.
 If unable to open login page then check for proxy settings & LAN settings.

LAN settings:LAN (Local area connection) status should always be enabled.

Steps to Enable “Local Area Connection”:
 Click on windows button on Tool bar
 Click on “Run”
 Type ncpa.cpl in Run window under “Open:” and click on “OK”
 Check for “Local Area Connection”
 If Local Area Connection status is Disabled then,
 Right click on Local Area Connection.
 Click on “Enable” option.

To remove proxy settings, follow the simple steps:

For Internet Explorer, Click Tools->Internet Options->Connections->LAN Settings->Uncheck 'Use a Proxy Server for your LAN' if it is already checked.

For Google Chrome, Click 'Customize & Control Google chrome' tab->Settings->Click on ‘Show advanced settings->Click on 'Change proxy settings' under Network->Connections->Lan Settings->Uncheck 'Proxy Server' if it is already checked.
For Mozilla Firefox, Tools->Options->Advanced->Network Tab->Connections->Settings->Select 'No proxy' if not selected.

In case of slow speed experience,
Regularly delete temp files & cookies to improve internet surfing experience.

For deleting temp files:
 Click on windows button on Tool bar
 Click on “Run”
 Type %temp% in Run window under “Open:” and click on “OK”
 Select all files and delete it.
For deleting cookies:
 Click on windows button on Tool bar
 Click on “Run”
 Type prefetch in Run window under “Open:” and click on “OK”
 Select all files and delete it.

Check session history to validate whether you have crossed fair usage limit as applicable to your plan.
Regularly check of session history will help you to consume usage as per plan policy in more effective manner.
For Fair Usage Policy , Go to - Click on PRODUCT & SERVICES-For Homes/For SME-Terms & Conditions
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