How to Configure Tikona on MAC OS Systems

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How to Configure Tikona on MAC OS Systems

Post by Prasad » December 10th, 2012, 1:01 am

For Wired Connectivity:
1. For wired connectivity there is no such specific configuration required, you have to simply connect Ethernet cable ( which comes from Tikona CPE Out) to your system and load Login page on Browser.

2. If you still not able to get login page then check which IP address is assigned on your system.
For successful connectivity with Tikona network, your system should get IP address in range 10.x.x.x, 1.x.x.x, 113.193.x.x.x

3. If IP address of your system is other than above range then check that system IP assignment is on DHCP mode.
How to check whether IP assignment is on DHCP or not?
i. Click on Network Icon on the top Taskbar, Select “Open Network Preferences”.
ii. Network Window will get open, Click on Ethernet Tab which is displayed on left hand side pane.
iii. Click on Advanced Button.
iv. There will be multiple tabs—TCP/IP, DNS, WINS, 802.1x, Proxies, Hardware.
v. Click on TCP/IP tab and Select ConfigureIPV4 as “Using DHCP” option. And Click on OK.

For Wireless Connectivity:

Ensure below things before configuring Wireless settings:
> System has working Wi-Fi card with installed drivers.
> You are subscribed for Tikona @llhome Service.

1. Click on the Network icon on the Top taskbar, Select "Join Other Network".

2. New Window will get open, Select below Options
a. Network Name: tikonawifi
b. Security: WPA Enterprise
c. Mode: Automatic
d. Username: (Your Tikona Subscriber/User ID)
e. Password: Enter Password ( i.e. your login credential)
f. Tick on “Remember this Network” checkbox
And Click on Join Button.

3. New Window Name: “Verify Certificate” will get open. Click on Continue Button. Now system connects to tikonwifi SSID.

4. Open Your Browser and Load Login Page
Prasad Bhatte

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