Thank you for your Appreciation


Post by 1105381610 » November 30th, 2013, 7:46 pm


I would like to extend my appreciation to
Devi Singh - Associate
Dinesh Patel - supervisor
Two service engineers who attended the issue at home.

Devi Singh, The appreciation would go for his attribute ability in handling customers, He had been calm and composed. He had tried to step on his supervisor's shoes on his absence for getting/ taking steps in resolving the hurdles faced. When he had realized that he couldn't help me out on the issue and I was too frustrated due to the severity of the issue and its impact on me (Potential Financial impact and career impact), He effectively handled the situation and got a supervisor calling me immediately by managing the resources based on the requirements. This explicitly shows his resource management ability and client focus skills.

With regards to the supervisor Dinesh Patel - Even though its not within the SLA of the service engineers to attend a call on the same day of the request, He had made it a priority for them by bringing in the resource for getting the customer's situation resolved. This personifies his customer focus skill set, which is appreciable.

And coming to the two engineers who were at my place requires special appreciation and they were very composed and they dived into the root cause and had effectively found out that the hurdle which I was facing was due to the lose connection found on the roof top device. They had also found some effective workaround in preventing this issue in the future. This exemplifies their ability and commitment in getting the issue resolved as well as finding an optimal solution so that it doesn't get repeated again in future.

Thanks again for the entire team for the support, Some times some of the associates attending the calls are sooo annoying that they keep repeating 4 or 5 checking methodologies which clearly shows that they are not cared about getting the issue resolved or not bothered about finding the root cause of why the issue had happened and what went wrong. Some of the associated to whom I had spoken earlier other than the above said persons clearly displayed that they just wanted to do their routine check and pass on the ticket to someone else who will do the work of diving into the trouble.

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