Appreciation (Ashutosh Walke)

Thank you for your Appreciation

Appreciation (Ashutosh Walke)

Post by 1109372671 » December 26th, 2013, 6:14 pm

M facing connectivity issue every second day since i have got Tikona internet installed at my place.... Today when i called for the First time some idiot picked my call who was not at all aware about the Process either was lacking in basic call handling etiquettes . moreover when I requested for a supervisor he put me on hold for more then 6 minutes and suddenly my call dropped.. When i called 2nd time I was very angry with everyone in Tikona but after having a word with Mr. Ashutosh Walke.. I got satisfied because my internet started working.. Ashutosh has everything in him to be promoted to the next level ASAP.. Ashutosh was trying to defend his dump colleague in some or the other way which shows how much he is concerned about the brand image of Tuikona whereas on the other side I dont understand why you guys allow the idiots like the 1st person I had a word with to take calls in your B.P.O

My best wishes are always with you brother (Ashutosh).... May you achieve everything you want... Best of luck.. God Bless you..

Arunaditya Vikram Singh
+91 9711880344