Articles on Tikona Google Alliance for Chromebook

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Articles on Tikona Google Alliance for Chromebook

Post by TikonaCare » October 30th, 2013, 10:47 pm

India is big on Google's map - The Hindu | 10/10-13 23:18
differentiators for this OS. The operating system is Linux-based, making it fairly robust, and secure. "The focus of Chrome OS is to make computing hassle-free. The second focus is security. But we have added to that with multiple layers of security including Sandboxing and Verified Boot," he said. Google has also partnered with Airtel and Tikona for cellular and broadband offers...

Google Offers Chromebook In India; Not Easy To Switch To | 10/10-13 17:24
8 hours along with 100 GB Google Drive Storage and runs on Chrome OS. Online apps for the Chromebook can be found on the Google Chrome Store. Most of the apps can be used only with a working internet connection, and Google Docs is the only application that can be accessed offline on a Chromebook. Airtel & Tikona Tie-ups Google has also tied up with Airtel and Tikona for offering Internet connectivity deals to those purchasing the Chromebook. Since Chrome OS works with Chrome apps that can be...

Google Chromebook In India From November 17th | 10/10-13 14:23
downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. The devices will also work offline without an Internet connection, with apps that are offline-ready, like email, documents, music, photo, movies, games etc. Both the Acer C720 Chromebook and the HP Chromebook 14 will come with 100GB of Google Drive storage to save your files. Google has partnered with Tikona and Airtel to provide cellular and broadband offers for Chromebook customers. The Acer C720 Chromebook will retail for Rs 22,999 and the HP Chromebook 14...

Acer unveils C720 Chromebook in India for INR 22,999 | 10/10-13 14:05
Acer today became one of the first Chrome OS partners to launch a Chromebook in the Indian market. The company has unveiled its latest C720 Chromebook in the country and it will be available in the coming days for INR 22,999. Acer has also partnered with Airtel and Tikona to bundle data packages with the Chromebook for interested buyers. We will talk about these data packages later in the post. As we detailed in our Acer C720 announcement report, the C720 Chromebook is powered by the 1.4GHz...

Google launches Chromebooks from Acer, HP in India, coming.. | 10/10-13 11:11
Google today announced it will launch its Chromebooks in India on October 17. It has partnered with Acer and HP for the first two devices. Google has also tied up with Airtel and Tikona for some data bundling plans. The Acer C720 will be priced at Rs 22,999 while the HP Chromebook 14 will be...

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