Facing slow speed issues?

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Facing slow speed issues?

Post by tik_admin » April 24th, 2020, 9:49 am

Here are the possible reasons why you may be facing speed-related issues.

1. Check if multiple devices are being used at the same time, like Smart TV/Mobiles/Laptops/Tablets. The speed performance may vary as per utilization including application updating & Backup/Downloading/Gaming etc.

2. A Dual Band AC Router is essential to get a high-speed experience on a plan above 40Mbps, so please check your Wi-Fi router & upgrade to an 802.11ac which is a Dual Band Router with 5 GHz & 2.4 GHz. 5GHz is significant for a reliable and uninterrupted wireless signal which shall enhance the speed experience.
Steps you need to follow to help resolve the speed problem.
1. Before raising a speed complaint, you need to conduct speed tests.
2. The technical team monitors speed test readings performed by you. So it’s a very important step in resolving the speed issue. Follow the below guidelines to conduct speed test.
3. Clear your browser cache and history then close the browser & open again and perform speed test. Ensure no other device is downloading or getting updated in the background.
4. Bypass your Wi-Fi router & connect the LAN cable/Internet cable to your Laptop or desktop directly. Perform multiple speed tests on netspeed.tikona.in without any download or live content in progress at the backend.

If you have followed the above steps & still facing speed-related issues, then the conclusion is that your connection speed is not suitable for your usage. you can request to upgrade your plan to a higher speed. You can refer to the Tikona website, select your city, and pick a plan. You can request for your chosen plan via My Tikona App, pick the required plan from the drop-down list, and submit the request. Tikona will revert to you via email or sms on your plan request.