Facing slow speed issues?

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Facing slow speed issues?

Post by tik_admin » April 24th, 2020, 9:49 am

Here are the possible reasons why you may be facing speed-related issues.

1. Check if multiple devices are being used at the same time, ensure there is no background process running on the Laptop & other Laptop/TV/mobile devices are not connected to the Wi-Fi Router during the test, disconnect other devices in your home for the duration of test and repeat test few times on ‘netspeed.tikona.in’. Please note that speed test conducted on mobile devices using Wi-Fi may not show broadband speed above ~30 Mbps due to phone /OS limitations on 11N routers . Further poor Wi-Fi coverage may reduce speed test results . Hence it is recommended to use Laptop or Desktop connected on LAN cable for conducting speedtest. If you chose to test speed on Wi-FI , ensure you are close to your Wi-Fi router and seeing good coverage .

2. When you conduct speedtest on netspeed.tikona.in , your results with other technical details help us diagnose your speed problem better . Speed test methodology on netspeed.tikona.in is regulatory compliant and is benchmarked against speedtest.net when tested in similar conditions. If you chose to conduct speedtest on speedtest.net , remember to select a server in your city closest to your location and connected on high speed internet connectivity.

3. Improving Wi-FI coverage : Wi-Fi router coverage depends on your home structure and location of Wi-Fi router. You can change Wi-Fi router Location to location high enough and at central point in your home where you can physically see your router from most part of your home. Do not keep Wi-Fi router near window or Balcony to protect against external Wi-Fi interference & rain water splashes.

If your usage is very high, we recommend upgrading to higher speed plan. If the background or other unintended usage is consuming all the Bandwidth subscribed by you, you will face Lower Speed, High Latency and dropped Connectivity when you need it most.

If your problem is not resolved , you can call us back on Customer care number from your registered mobile number within next 24 Hrs of TT resolution and your call will be connected to Technical support agent ,who will work with you to resolve your issue.

Thank You.