unhappy with the service

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Re: unhappy with the service

Post by TikonaCare » May 11th, 2014, 8:34 pm

Dear Mr. Jadhav,

Greetings from Tikona.

As checked we have found that the plan opted previously by you was UNLTD649 and this plan was a postpaid plan (first use than pay) and the plan you were requesting was ADBBM699, which is an advance rental plan.

The plan change request was given by you on May 2, 2014 and at that time you had a bill pending for the billing period of 15-Mar-2014 to 14-Apr-2014 and the due date of this bill was May 2, 2014.

On the same day you made the payment of Rs. 786 for plan change from UNLTD649 to ADBBM699, however as you already had a pending bill of Rs. 729.22 (15-Mar-2014 to 14-Apr-2014)the payment done by you for the requested plan was adjusted against your pending bill and we had only Rs. -56.78 available against your account.

On the plan change request, our team tried to call you on your registered mobile number several times, however the calls were not responded till May 5, 2014, then our team asked you to make the payment of Rs. 786 as an advance rental for changing your data plan from UNLTD649 to ADBBM699 we received the payment on the same day and your plan was updted in our system.

Later on May 6, 2014 you started to face slow speed issue, this was caused due to completion of the fair usage provided to you on prorata basis. In other words, the plan opted by you was ADBBM699 the fair usage of this plan is 20GBs for 30 days and the billing cycle assigned against your account is 15th to 14th of every month, therefore the usage from 5-May-2014 to 14-May-2014 (Plan activation to billing cycle completion) was on prorata basis: 20GB/30Days X 9Days (5-May-2014 to 14-May-2014) = 6GBs.

The usage of 6GBs provided you on prorata basis was consumed by you within 1 day, therefore the secondary speed was applied against your account from May 7, 2014.

We thank you for your association with Tikona for past 4 years and look forward to have many more years of association with you.

For any further issues/queries, please contact us on our toll free number 1-800 209 4276.

Tikona Care.


unhappy with the service

Post by 1103604585 » May 8th, 2014, 12:02 am

My name is vikas jadhav and I am using tikona service since 2010 , but since april 2014 I am getting service which I am not happy. Your executive said while upgrading the service u need to just pay the amt 786 which I paid on 2nd may then again I was asked to pay another amt 786 as the plan is advanced plan , I agreed to it and paid the amt 786 on 4th may and now on 7th may when I checked the speed it was 512 when called customer care they said its ss per billing cycle and you have crossed the usage, when confirmed with customer care now they saying need to wait till 15th this is disgusting n m very unhappy with the service

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