Threatening Calls being received frequently from TIKONA

Threatening Calls being received frequently from TIKONA

Postby NKSanghavi » August 11th, 2018, 3:07 pm

Today again, short while ago, we received a call from mobile # +91 9773700659 & the caller introduced herself as Advocate Ms Priyanka, calling from Delhi and threatened us to appear in the court (Which Court...? we are not aware & have no knowledge as we have till date, not received any information/documents either from any court and/or any other entity/person) & cancel the arrest warrant by paying Rs.80, 000/- else we will be arrested by the police.

We have been receiving such threatening calls since more than 10 weeks and have informed TIKONA in writing about the same many times asking them to provide all the details if they have lodged any such complaints against us and if yes, when & where and whether they have authorised any Adovcate/s to make such threatening calls on b/half of TIKONA but there is absolutely NO RESPONSE from them...

We have been receiving such calls from various persons introducing themselves as ADVOCATEs & calling on b/half of TIKONA. Have sent mails to TIKONA on 11th July, 2018 & 8th August, 2018 but there is NO RESPONSE till date.

Can some responsible person/desk from TIKONA respond in detail...???!!!
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