Rrefund Initiated

Rrefund Initiated

Postby Ankan » June 3rd, 2016, 9:29 pm

Hi Tikona

My user id is 1117702432
I got my connection installed on 31May night. I could not use the connection for even one day, and the customer care put me on hold for like an hour after which they disconnected my call and said there is some back end issue going on.
When i asked them to return my money today as I am unable to connect to internet for such a long time, they refused and made me talk for like an hour on phone which resulted in mental agony, high blood pessure and tension.
I request you to please initiate my return and if it is not possible i can go to the consumer court as all calls and complain messages are recorded at my end.
Sorry to say but this time you guys have messed up with a wrong person who knows about consumer rights and each details of your policy and terms and conditions.
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