How to Configure Tikona on Ubuntu OS(Linux) Systems

How to Configure Tikona on Ubuntu OS(Linux) Systems

Postby Prasad » December 3rd, 2012, 12:36 pm

Please check below settings which are configured to connect your system with Tikona Wi-BRO.
Note: we have checked and tested on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS platform.

For Wired Connectivity:
1. Click on the Network icon on the Top taskbar, Select "Auto Ethernet"
2. Again Click on Network Icon on top Taskbar and select "Edit Connection" option.
3. New Window Named" Network Connection" will open which is having below tabs
a. Wired
b. Wireless
c. MobileBroadband
d. VPN

4. Select “Wired” Tab under which double click on Auto Ethernet Option, New window Name"Editing Auto Ethernet" will open. There will be four Tabs
b.802.1x Security
c.IPV4 Settings
d.IP V6 Settings

5. Click on IPV4 Settings and Select Automatic(DHCP) Method
6. Save settings.
7. Now Open Your Browser and Load Login Page

> If you are connected and getting IP address in range 10.x.x.x/ 1.x.x.x/113.193.x.x, and still not able to get Login Page then ensure you have not set any proxy settings on Browser.

For Wireless Connectivity:

Ensure below things before configuring Wireless settings:
> System has working Wi-Fi card with installed drivers
> You are subscribe for Tikona @llhome Service.

1. Click on the Network icon on the Top taskbar, Select "Connect to Hidden Wireless Network"
2. New window will open Name " Connect to Hidden Wireless Network will open, Configure as per below settings.
a. Connection: New
b. Network Name: tikonawifi
c. Wireless Settings: WPA & WPA2 Enterprise
d.Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)
e. Anonymous Identity: Leave it blank
f.CA Certificate: (None)
g. PEAP Version: Automatic
h. Inner Authentication: MSCHAPv2
i.User Name: Eneter your Tikona User ID
j.Password: Enter Password ( i.e. your login credential)
k.Don’t Mark Check mark against " Ask for this password every time"

3.Click on Connect

4. Now you might be asked for "Authentication required by wireless Network", Enter Your Tikona User ID and Password and Click on Connect.

5.Now Open Your Browser and Load Login Page
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