Wrong no. phone call from Tikona Lawyer +919873477273

Wrong no. phone call from Tikona Lawyer +919873477273

Postby Piyush1 » April 5th, 2017, 4:28 pm

Received a phone call on my registered mobile no. from some advocate(+919873477273) that, someone from Banaras with user ID 1118550781 will be getting sued by Tikona.

What happens between Tikona and its other customers is none of my business.
the caller said that my mobile no. is written with someone's userid

Why am I and my mobile no. dragged into this.??
How can the Tikona employees carelessly attach anyone's no. with anyone else.

Kindly rectify that error and I don't want my mobile no. misused. and also verify that other user's (1118550781) phone no.

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