thread calls from tikona - Delhi court case

thread calls from tikona - Delhi court case

Postby Ganesh_Ganesh » August 8th, 2018, 9:41 am

I have been receiving continuous calls from some persons that a case will be filed in delhi court if the outstanding amount is not cleared. But i have received email confirmation from tikona there is no outstanding amount in my account.

Those people doesnt understand my outstanding has been cleared.They are repeatedly saying payment cleared is not reflected in their systems. Kindly help me with this and i have also shared my detailed conversation below which i sent an email to tikona and a reply from tikona too.

Email to tikona on July 24 2018 :
Hi Tikona,

This is a frustrated story of a genuine Tikona customer who has a Tikona id -1122302300 i have been approached by a tikona Sales Executive in the month of February 2018 and he has explained about many plans. I have selected 599 plans.

He has approched me that if i pay Rs.500 as an initial amount tikona will offer free wifi router and installation as well as 1st month rental will be free and second month there will be a discount of Rs.50. Based on his promise i have took the connection.
After one month of usage Tikona bill has gave me a heart attack by charging a such a amount which is Rs.1300 (aprox) includes installation.

I really got confused how the bill has been generated and what about the Sales Executive person promise?
Then i have contacted him and he again said tikona account department has charged an incorrect amount and it will be changed to zero as per initial promise.

After day by day i have stopped using internet service as of i felt something wrong with this. I have tried many times by contacting him but no response from his side.

After a month i have contacted tikona site manager and informed him all story what has happened. They only i came to know for finishing his sales target he has cheated many customers like this. Anyhow finally i have been cheated and according to tikona the customer is liable without his knowledge.

From last week i have been receiving calls (‭+91 99712 87471‬) if the payment is not made you will be liable and a case will be filed on you. I really doesn’t understand why should i need to pay rather than promised amount? The money which i am earning doesn’t come from a tree. Its very hard to earn each and every single rupee. Please contact tikona and make clear what has happened

I have used the service for 2 months. And according to him 1 months has been free and for second month charge including tax i have cleared Rs.800 today and i have attached the payment receipt with this email.

Please escalate this issue to higher level management and take appropriate action asap. I need a resolution and i will not go as it is. The sales Executive person need to be punished for what he done.

I can also able to share the whats up conversations had with sales executives and ground level staff who has confirmed their staff has gave fake words. I am not a single customer who has cheated due to your Sales Executive. I can also share another (neighbor)tikona user id who has faced same problem like me and disconnected the service within a month.

[b]Reply from tikona on August 06 2018:[/b]
his is a system generated Email, please do not reply to this mail. Kindly refer to the customer care details provided in the mail below.

Dear Customer,

With reference to your request number 1-5346583382 dated:28/July/2018 for your Tikona user id:1122302300.

We would like to inform you that we have stopped charging you rentals for the service from dated:06/Aug/2018.

We can see you are currently not using Tikona services.As being our valuable customer we are attaching 10GB on your account, with no validity and no charge for this 10GB.You may continue to use even post 10GB and at 2paise/MB with 4Mbps speed.

As on date 06/Aug/2018 there is no outstanding payable for your account.

Since you are not using the service, we suggest you move to a rental plan to avail benefits on speed and data (click on view our new updated plans).

Please feel free to contact us on customer care number 1860 3000 3434 or write to us at with your desired plan.
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