Substandard service

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Re: Substandard service

Post by TikonaCare » February 9th, 2020, 10:17 am

Dear Subscriber,

Greetings from Tikona.

We would like to inform you that resolution of your complaint is in process and once the issue gets resolved will update you accordingly.

Tikona Care


Substandard service

Post by 1122565405 » February 8th, 2020, 11:04 am

I am an existing customer of Tikona, quite frustrated with the service provided in the last one month. The tikona tower was removed from the building without sharing any prior communication to the subscribers. The internet service has been disconnected since 4th Jan 2020. After repeated complaints the engineer Mr. Ibrar visited the location and was provided access to the terrace to check for the problem. That is when the technical team discovered that the towers have been removed and he was unaware of it. However, the complaint lodged with the customer service is that he is unable to help with the connection because he does not have the permission to go to the terrace.
I have made multiple calls over the month to the assigned technician Mr. Ibrar, Mr. Prajapati, Mr. Dilip Yadav, the customer service and few other representation from Tikona. Each one of them has given me a different story:
Multiple call between 5th Jan to 22nd Jan: The society asked them to remove the connection which is untrue. They were denied permission to the terrace to reconnect.
Call with customer service from 17th Jan – 22nd Jan - One of the supervisors from the customer service I spoke to agree on the call that they have made a mistake by disconnecting the service without informing the customers and would get it back
Call with assigned technicians in the week of 17th Jan – 22nd Jan – They have requested for a disconnection of service and it will be processed as soon as possible. I have only received phone calls from customer service where the service desk has made it a point that it is not their mistake and I should agree that the service is disconnected because I did not cooperate with them to provide access to the terrace. The callers are frustrating and as much as I understand are trying their best not to reimburse the amount.
This kind of a service is a severe let down for the brand where the service provider is trying to dupe the customer. There is no clarity of communication between the teams, the discussions with the customers are being misrepresented in the customer service notes, the service desk is absolutely not cooperative. I feel harassed over the month for a mere internet connection to be disconnected. After having spent a good amount of time and energy on calls with multiple departments, having gone through the mental anguish of dealing with irate, unethical and irresponsible people, I regret having retained the connection for greater than one and half years. Its shocking that I was sent a reminder to pay the Tikona bill on 20th Jan and calls to make the payment but not a single call or email in December or Jan informing that the towers are being removed for whatever reasons.
It is quite clear that the organisation had no intention of retaining the customers and now wants to shy away from the responsibility of disconnecting the service and it is not beneficial to them.
If at all the reviews are taken seriously and there is a grievance forum, request you to kindly disconnect the account and end this relationship with the service provided once and for all without harassing me more.

Irate and frustrated customer

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